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Weave a Heart

Information provided by Sandra Bowles

This article first appeared in HGA's Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot (SS&D), Issue 113, Winter 1997/1998. SS&D strives to include learning experiences for young people to encourage them to create their own fiber traditions.

Materials Needed:

  • a variety of decorative papers, felt, or fabrics
  • tag or poster board
  • pencil
  • ruler
  • scissors
  • glue
  • stamps
  • stamp pads
  • paint
  • brush
  • pattern (click to download)

1. Photocopy or trace the pattern to a piece of tag board or poster board to make a template. Fold a piece of decorative paper. Place the template on the decorative paper and trace around the edges of the template. Make sure to match the folded side of the paper with the place on fold mark on the template. Indicate cutting lines. Holding template and colored paper together (or use paper clips), tightly cut around template to make piece A. Repeat to make piece B.

2. Position folded heart pieces A and B on work surface. Weave strips as shown in diagrams 1 and 2. Begin by sliding Strip 4 through Strip 5. Then slide Strip 6 through Strip 4. Strip 5 slides through Strip 3. Strip 3 slides through Strip 6. Strip 4 slides through Strip 7. As you weave the last strips you will need to carefully bend the strips as you slide one through the other. Continue weaving and slide Strip 2 through Strip 5. Strip 6 slides through Strip 2 and Strip 5 goes through Strip 1 and so on until weaving is completed (see Diagram 3). Straighten strips and sections, glue or tape on handles, and add decorations. Fill heart with candy, dried flowers, or something special for your valentine.

Diagram 1 Diagram 2 Diagram 3

Try mixing paper colors and patterns. Cut A from checked or a colorful decorative print paper and cut B from origami, metallic or handmade paper. Watch what happens when you weave the combinations together. Draw designs or use rubber stamps to decorate your woven hearts. Try enlarging or reducing the size of the heart pattern and make lots of different size hearts!

Can you think of other materials that you could use to make woven hearts?