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Tuesday July 10, 2018

Tuesday July 10, 2018

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 9:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m. 

Neilson 8 shaft runner

8-Shaft Rep Runners: A Study in 4-Block Design using Linked Blocks and Solid Stripes Closed 
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Rosalie Neilson  Design an 8-shaft Warp-Faced Rep table runner, featuring center 4-block motifs with a color-opposite border of 2-block motifs. Sessions include developing 2-, 3-, and 4-block symmetric motifs, converting profile drafts into threading and treadling plans, and developing a skeleton tie-up. Demonstrations include Cavandoli knots as the finishing technique. Loom required*.   

Materials Fee: $16. Level: Intermediate.






Fortin_3-D double weave

3-D Double Weave Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Sarah Fortin  Folds, ruffles and gathers.  Loom controlled, 3-dimensional fabrics, woven by hand, controlled by mechanics!  Explore an on-the-edge, loom controlled, double weave structure that creates 3-dimensions as you weave. By weaving horizontal folds that gather and/or pleat, one can create instant texture and dimension for interesting fabrics to be used in art-to-wear or home decorating. This is not a round robin. Loom required*.

Materials Fee: $5 for handouts. Level: Intermediate.


Crampton_ Rug Weaving

Beginning Weft Faced Rugs Closed 
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Nancy Crampton  Participants will bring a loom threaded in a straight draw with carpet warp. Using wool yarns, samples will be woven in plain weave, straight twill, broken twill, and krokbragd. Discussions include choice of yarn, how to get perfect edges, finishing techniques and how to plan designs specifically for rugs. Loom required*.

Materials Fee: $15. Level: Intermediate.

Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom.


Collingwood_Block weaves

Block Weaves and Shaft Switching in Rugs Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Jason Collingwood  This workshop will be an exploration of 3 - end block weave and its application to rugs. Many different techniques will be employed to increase design options, including learning how to adapt the looms so they are able to shaft switch. This is the technique Jason uses for all his rugs. Loom required*.

Materials Fee: $0. Level: All.

Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom.


Coifman_Classic Rep Weaves

Classic and Nontraditional Rep Weaves Closed 
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Lucienne Coifman  In this round robin workshop, explore both classic and nontraditional methods of rep weaving. Every loom will be set up with a different draft, variety of warp materials, sett and technique. some samples will be inspired by weave structures such as Shadow, Krokbragd, Honeycomb. We will discuss drafting, designing, color choices and pick up design. Students will go home with a complete portfolio of samples. Participants will be contacted 2 months ahead of the conference. Loom required*.

Materials Fee: $20. Level: Intermediate.

Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom and read a draft.


Azure Creative Explorations image
Creative Explorations In Jewelry Weaving    Closed 
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Anastasia Azure  Explore the creativity of weaving jewelry without a loom. Working with colorful wire and thin sheet, we will create a variety of errings, beads, bracelets, pendants and pins. This extensive workshop covers techniques such as radial weaving, free-form warps, continuous and discontinuous wefts, plying chevron wefts, flattening wire, unusual shapes, and simple wire work to incorporate beads and jewelry findings. Participants will have the opportunity to make a jewelry collection as well as technical samples for future explorations.

Materials Fee: $35. Level: Beginner.


Taylor_Echo and Iris

Echo & Iris Meets WeavePoint  Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Jannie Taylor WeavePoint has all the tools needed to create designs similar to those found in Weaving with Echo & Iris, by Marion Stubenitsky. Learn to create your own versions of several of the design types found in the book. Including multi-color echo weaves; woven moiré; various turned drafts and many more. Laptop with Windows® required*.

Materials Fee: $40. Level: Intermediate.

 Prerequisite: Must be able to read a draft and have computer experience.


Corsini_wedge weaves

Exploring the Eccentric Wedge Weave  Closed 
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Deborah Corsini  Bold graphic line, zigzag stripes and scalloped selvedges are striking characteristics of wedge weave. Learn the unique characteristics, basic techniques, and design possibilities of weaving at an angle to the warp to create dynamic wedge weave tapestries. The workshop introduces a variety of approaches to eccentric weaving, combining tapestry, slit techniques, curves, and unusual materials. Frame loom required*.

Prerequisite: Should be familiar with basic tapestry techniques and know how to warp a loom.

Materials Fee: $2. Level: Intermediate.


Weir_Loom Controlled Shibori

Loom Controlled Woven Shibori Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
Dottie Weir Using a magical ancient technique called "Woven Shibori", we will create a one-of-a-kind permanently pleated scarf.  Learn how to weave woven weft shibori, dye paint using fiber reactive dyes and permanently pleat your scarf.  Also included will be a Power Point presentation and a vat dyeing demo. Loom required*.

Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom and read a draft.

Materials Fee: $10 per student. Level: Intermediate.


Duxbury_masters of Overshot

Masters of Overshot
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Laurie Duxbury  Connect with the past and design for the future using this versatile structure. Students will bring their own pre-warped four-shaft looms. We’ll begin with traditional pattern treadling and advance to more varied structures, including honeycomb and boundweave. Learn how to keep track of pattern treadling without a draft, how to use color to create depth, and how to adapt overshot designs for your own use. Loom required*.

Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom.

Materials Fee: $5. Level: Intermediate.


Kovnat_one warp_many structures

One Warp, Many Structures: An Exploration of Extended Parallel Threading Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Denise Kovnat  How do you weave six or more structures on one warp? With an extended parallel threading! Echo Weave, Turned Taqueté, Rep, Double Weave, Shadow Weave, and Collapse Weave are all possible just by changing the tie-up and treadling (and, for some, the sett). Network-drafted designs are also offered if desired. Loom required*.

Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom and read a draft. Must have computer experience.

Materials Fee: $5. Level: Intermediate.


Jarchow_RH Immersion

Rigid Heddle Immersion  Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Deborah Jarchow  In this course you will be able to jump right into rigid-heddle weaving if you haven’t tried it, or bump up your current skills if you’re already a weaver.  During the 3 days, you’ll learn how to easily warp the loom using the direct-warping method. Then explore warp- and weft-faced weave structures and color-and-weave patterns, and learn to use pick-up sticks to create patterns that are woven into your cloth. Learn tips to keep your selvedges straight and practice different ways to finish the ends. If you haven’t tried rigid-heddle weaving, this class will start you on the right path so you can go home with weaving confidence. If you are already a rigid- heddle weaver, don’t miss this chance to refine and review techniques, round out your rigid-heddle skills, and develop your confidence.  Rigid Heddle loom required*.

Materials Fee: $5. Level: Beginner.



Singing the Blues Closed 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday
John Marshall  An intensive, hands-on program focusing on working with fresh-leaf indigo and the incredible array of blues that may be produced with this easy-to-grow plant. Included will be clamp-resist, rice-paste resist, direct painting, and direct leaf-to-fiber techniques.  Students will sample more than ten unique processes on a variety of fibers including silk, cotton, bast, and wool.

Materials Fee: $120. Level: All.


Mullarkey_Tablet Weaving Basics

Tablet Weaving Basics and Beyond  Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

John Mullarkey  This will be an in-depth review of how to weave with tablets or cards.  On day one we will start with a basic history, and then cover drafting and designing threaded-in designs, setup, and basic weaving and finishing techniques.  On day two we will learn the circular warp setup, discuss weaving with individual cards in packs, and learn about double-turn double-card diagonals.  A deeper look at the mechanics of tablet weaving will be discussed.  On day three we will explore double faced weaving techniques.  This workshop is good for those looking for an in-depth look at basic and intermediate tablet weaving techniques and mechanics.  No tablet weaving experience required, but this is a great workshop for those with experience who want to look deeper into this art.

Materials Fee: $15. Level: Beginner.

Dunning_Tartan Weaving

Tartan Weaving Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Melissa Weaver Dunning  Scottish tartan has a timeless beauty.  In this round robin class, students will weave samples of a dozen patterns in fine wool. We will discuss translating tartan setts into warp plans and adjusting the setts for different types of fabric as well as the colorful history of tartan.

Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom.

Materials Fee: $6. Level: Intermediate.


Viada_ Transparency

The Art of Transparency  Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Laura Viada Transparency is related to tapestry weaving, and is characterized by sheer background areas contrasting with opaque pattern areas created using inlay techniques. The result is a functional textile which lets in light, provides privacy, and makes a dramatic decorative statement.  This workshop will cover the basics of weaving successful transparencies, including weaving technique, design considerations, and finishing and display options.

Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom.

Materials Fee: $20. Level: Intermediate.


Pickett_ Weave Velvet

Weave Velvet  Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Barbara Setsu Pickett  Weave macro-velvet on a 4-shaft loom.  Build your velvet bobbin rack out of PVC pipe. Create your pile from bundled sewing threads.  Learn the silk weaver’s knot.  Experiment with cut and uncut pile, explore different ground weaves.  Examine Pickett’s velvet collection from Italy, England, France, Japan, China, Turkey, Uzbekistan, India.

Materials Fee: $40. Level: Intermediate.\


Hartshorn_Shibori with Natural Dye

Woven Shibori with Natural Dyes   Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Linda Hartshorn  Weave, tie and dye your own unique patterned fabrics! Woven shibori fabric has extra threads woven in that are pulled up to gather the cloth before dyeing. Learn to layer different natural dyes to create various color effects. Fabrics will be woven at home from drafts supplied by the instructor, and dyed in the workshop. 

Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom and read a draft.

Materials Fee: $25. Level: Intermediate.

Spady_Extreme Makeover

Extreme Warp Makeover   Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday
Robyn Spady Hate to warp, but love to weave? Want more versatility from a single warp? Then this is a workshop for you! In this workshop, participants will warp their loom with their choice of one of three four-shaft threadings and perform an extreme makeover and weave it many ways . . . from twill, lace, and overshot to swivel, corduroy, deflected weft, and double-faced. At the same time, participants are presented with the basics of different structures and how to adapt a single threading to weave many different weaves, including concepts such as star vs. rose fashion, weaving on opposites, and echo treadling.  Four-shaft loom required.  (Note:  This is not a round-robin workshop.) 

Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom and read a draft.

Materials Fee: $15. Level: Intermediate.


Huntoon ImageKumihimo: Never Ending Possibilities of an Extra-Ordinary Braid: The Many Faces of the Kongoh Gumi  Closed 
Tuesday, Wednesday
Karen Huntoon On a Kumihimo disk, we will explore adding elements "on the go" thus changing from 8 to 12 to 16 elements within a single braid, exchanging core elements along the length of the braid to alter colors and patterns, manipulating numbers of elements in exchanges, using independent cores, reversing spirals and placing colors. Many samples will be provided.

Prerequisite: Must have a basic knowledge/experience in Kumihimo. Class not appropriate for total beginners.

Materials Fee: $8. Level: Intermediate.



Hall_Swedish Weaves

Swedish Art Weaves   Closed
Tuesday, Wednesday
Joanne Hall  Learn to weave beautiful "Art Weaves" like those produced by weavers in southern Sweden.  Participants will weave a sampler of the most popular art weaves: Halvkrabba, Krabba and Rolakan.  Dukagang and Monksbelt will be demonstrated as pick up weaves on this same warp.

Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom.

Materials Fee: $35. Level: Intermediate.



Gradient Yarns: A Spinner's Study in Shifting Shades   Closed
Kate Larson  Gradient: the relative increase or decrease in the magnitude of a property. Yarns with long color changes that shift slowly from one end of the skein to the other are a great spinner's challenge. There are many ways to design a gradient handspun yarn without using a dyepot. Join us as we explore five different methods for keeping colors distinct using painted tops, dyed batts, and a few blending tricks.

Materials Fee: $20. Level: Intermediate.

Prerequisite: Must be able to spin and ply a basic yarn.


Complete List of Supplies Required for Classes