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Tuesday August 2, 2016



WORKSHOPS 9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.


3W-T010 Classic and Nontraditional Rep Weaves (Registration Closed)

Coifmann_rep weave

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Lucienne Coifman  

In this round-robin workshop explore both classic and nontraditional methods of rep weaving. Every loom will be set up with a different draft, variety of warp materials, sett and technique. Some samples will be inspired by weave structures such as Shadow, Krokbragd, and Honeycomb. We will discuss drafting, designing, color choices and pick-up design. Students will go home with a complete portfolio of samples. Participants will be contacted two months ahead.

A 4–8 shaft loom with a reed size of 8, 10 or 12 will be required.

Materials Fee: $18. Level: Intermediate.


3W-T011 Cutting Loose with Tied Weaves


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Robyn Spady

Tied weaves create patterned fabrics with floats of limited length. One threading can provide a multitude of different treadling options—from singles and pairs to Dukagang and Taqueté. Participants will learn the fundamentals of tied weaves and explore a variety of treadling techniques. This is the perfect workshop for weavers interested in understanding terms like Summer and Winter, Single Two-Tie, Taqueté, and Samitum!

A minimum of 4 shafts is required, but 8 shafts is recommended. This is not a round robin.

Materials Fee: $20. Level: Intermediate.


3W-T012 Loom Weaving with Alternative Materials (Registration Closed)

Azure Alt material

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Anastasia Azure

Tackle the exciting challenge of loom-weaving using unconventional materials. Each participant will dress a loom with fishing line warp and play with plastics and wire in the weft. Basic weave structures such as tabby and twill will allow for courageous experimentation with new materials and projects may even evolve into small sculptures or jewelry. Finishing techniques will be covered.

A table loom with metal heddles, an 8 epi reed, and warping board will be required.

Materials Fee: $25. Level: All.


3W-T013 Silk, Silk, Silk, Spinning the Best of the Best


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Patsy Zawistoski

Three full days with your spinning wheel and your favorite fiber, silk; providing time to spin, examine, dye, and blend. Eri, Muga, Tussah, Bombyx; our markets have many spinning types available, so take time for in-depth comparison and to understand de-gumming and dyeing various forms like cocoons, hankies, bells, and tops. Learn how important record keeping is and start your notebook with Zawistoski’s worksheets as you spin various sizes and silk yarn constructions.

A good working wheel or various weight spindles will be required.

Materials Fee: $40. Level: Intermediate.


3W-T014 Successful Pattern Design for Handwovens


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Joan Berner

You have the most beautiful handwoven fabric you could imagine—now turn it into the most perfect garment for you to wear! Learn the basics of pattern line and design, and what makes an interesting garment appropriate for handwoven textiles. Sewing techniques particularly appropriate for handwovens will be demonstrated. Make a muslin and have it fitted before you leave class to help ensure your success.

Materials Fee: $10. Level: Beginner.


3W-T015 Weaving in a Parallel Universe  Class is Full. (To be added to waiting list, please contact )

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Linda Hartshorn

Explore a parallel universe of weaving possibilities! Parallel threadings are incredibly versatile and can be used to weave different structures including Shadow Weave, Double Weave, Echo Weave Twills, and Turned Taqueté. Create vibrant colorways and iridescence by using multiple colors in the warp. Weave samples in a round robin, study drafts, and learn how to create a parallel threading. Add the power of parallel threading to your weaving repertoire!

An 8 (or more) shaft portable floor or table loom will be required.

Materials Fee: $20. Level: Intermediate.


3W-T016 Woven Shibori and the Organic Indigo Vat


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Catharine Ellis

This is a workshop for weavers interested in transforming their work through dyeing. The class will build

2 different organic indigo vats, using sugars, plants, and minerals as reduction agents. Students will learn how to use and maintain the vats. Looms will be prepared ahead with cotton warps for woven shibori, according to instructions provided. Emphasis will be placed on experimenting with patterns and understanding structural possibilities on 4, 8, or more shafts.

A prepared loom with 4 or more shafts and a reed size of 12 will be required. Materials Fee: $25. Level: All Levels


2W-T017 Around the World in 7 Looping Variations


Tuesday, Wednesday

Donna Kallner

For thousands of years, people around the globe have put their own spin on looping. We will shake a few branches in looping’s huge family tree as we explore contemporary uses for cross-knit looping (aka Coptic knitting or Tarim stitch), Danish stitch, Fuegian coiling, Burundi looping, and stitch variations found in Papua New Guinea bilum bags, Great Basin small game nets, and Pima Burden baskets.

Materials Fee: $25. Level: All.


2W-T018 Artisanal Baskets


Tuesday, Wednesday

Marcia Weiss

Take 2-dimensional weaving into a 3-dimensional level to make decorative and functional baskets. This workshop will teach you how to transform basic reed into beautiful baskets. Learn the steps necessary to create baskets in a range of shapes and sizes and personalize your artisanal basket by incorporating your favorite yarn, wire, fabric, and more.

Materials Fee: $30. Level: All.


2W-T019 Creative Kumihimo


Tuesday, Wednesday

Jacqui Carey

Take an in-depth look at the basic building blocks of kumihimo on a marudai. The aim is to understand the what, why, and how of the technique in order to shape the decision-making process for creative work. Students will make a series of samples to gain familiarity with the equipment, materials, techniques, the impact of the maker, and the structure and pattern of braids.

A marudai will be required.

Materials Fee: $30. Level: All.


2W-T020 Image to Cloth: Exploring Image Transfer Techniques and Embellishment

Tuesday, Wednesday

Amanda McCavour

This workshop will explore different transfer and embellishment techniques to help students put their images and designs onto soft surfaces. Methods for tracing, heat transferring, stenciling, and simple screen-printing will be examined. Students are encouraged to bring their own source material to work from in this 2-day workshop where we will explore layering images and techniques to create dynamic surfaces.

Materials Fee: $45. Level: All.


2W-T021 Ties: Functional, Decorative Unconventional


Tuesday, Wednesday

Kay Faulkner

Usually the focus for tied unit weaves is on developing block pattern. This workshop focuses on the actual ties and finding out what can be done with them. This is a very different approach to tied unit weaves. Theory begins briefly with familiar Summer and Winter Two-Tie unit weaves.

 A pre-warped loom with 8 shafts will be required. (If need to rent loom, contact HGA)

Materials Fee: $2. Level: Intermediate.




9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m.


U-T022 Naalbinding 101



Andrea Mielke Schroer

Naalbinding is also known by names such as single-needle knitting and needle-looping. It creates a fabric of loops that are sewn into each other, creating a sturdy fabric that will not unravel. Found in every continent but one, the technique has been used to create items ranging from nets to baskets, bags, hats, mittens, slippers, and more. You will learn a basic stitch while working on a small drawstring pouch, and try increasing, decreasing, joining, and adding on.

Materials Fee: $15. Level: All.