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SSD 181 Winter 2014-2015

Volume XLVI No. 1 Issue 181 Winter 2014-2015


Cover: Deanna Deeds, Updraft, Downdraft

Detail of doubleweave with sprang braiding of warp..
Hand-dyed warp; Cotton. 132 x 24.5 inches.

Photograph by the artist.

See Ebb & Flow: Yardage, on page 28



Published by The Handweavers Guild of America, Inc. 

Table of Contents


Right From the Start—Creating Double-wide Fabric with Double Weave, by Marcy Petrini

HGA’s Ebb and Flow: Yardage

How My Diversified Plain Weave Fabric Became a WOW! by Ruth Ronan

HGA’s A Lively Experiment: All Media

The Camera of Choice: A Smartphone, by Gregory Case

The Spider Rock Girls: Weaving in Beauty, by Karen Lynn William


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