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SS&D Volume XXXVII No. 3 Issue 147 Summer 2006

Volume XXXVII No. 3 Issue 147 Summer 2006

Published by The Handweavers Guild of America, Inc. 

Table of Contents


Right from the Start. Incorporate Conference Attendance into Your Learning Process by Marcy Petrini

Miao Textiles from the Collection of Susan Weitzman Conway by Gaye Elder

The Textile Museum.s Thesaurus by Cecilia Gunzburger

. A Journey of the Imagination by Mike Friton

. Takako Ueki and Habu by Carol D. Westfall

Line, Space and Form: The Art of Kay Sekimachi by Kevin V. Wallace

. *The Process of Playing with Block Twill by Teri Inman

. *Say .Yes. to Flax by Paula Vester

. *Monk.s Belt.Weaving on Opposites by Pam Howard

. *Paper Thread by Jeanie Reagan

. Kids Fiber Fun Camp by Vicki Gadberry

. Summer Projects: Having Fun with Needle, Thread, and Mesh Bags by Gaye Elder

. Needle Weaving on a Frame Loom by Elaine Bradley

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