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SS&D Volume XLI No. 3 Issue 163 Summer 2010

Volume XLI No. 3 Issue 163 Summer 2010
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Published by The Handweavers Guild of America, Inc. 

Table of Contents


Right From the Start—Learn a Variety of Treadling Patterns Step-by-Step by Marcy Petrini

Backstrap Weaving in Latin America by Laverne Waddington

Doors, Gates & Windows Exhibition by Jaye Whorton

Weaving Generations Together: Evolving Creativity in the Maya of Chiapas by Patricia Greenfield, Kathryn Klein, and Mary Beth Hermans

A National Museum of the American Coverlet: We Have One! by Gaye E. Elder

Kids Fiber Fun Camp by Vicki Gadberry

Ficklesticks by Diana Taylor

Rust Dyeing by Irene Torruella Munroe

Little Gems by Stephanie Corina Goddard


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