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SS&D Vol. XXXIV No. 3 Issue 135 Summer 2003

Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot

Volume XXXIV No. 3 Issue 135 Summer 2003
Published by The Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.


    • The Urban Dollmakers' Theme Houses by Karen Searle
    • Right From the Start by Marcy Petrini
    • Weaving and Spinning in the Learning Exchange by Elaine Bradley
    • The Next Step in Jacquard Study-Featuring The Jacquard Center by Carol Westfall
    • Jiro Yonezawa by Kevin Wallace
    • Weaving with Wire, Part II by Donna Kaplan
    • Spinning with Soy Silk™: An Old Spinner-A New Fiber by Terry Neal
    • Swivel by Marguerite Gingras
    • A Look at Outerwear (or the Art of Being Single) by Mike Keach
    • Kids Fiber Fun Camp by Vicki Gadberry
    • Weave a Bookmark by Licia Conforti
    • There's a Bear in My Pocket! by Chad Alice Hagen
    • Pick a Pocket by Lana Schneider


  • Insert
    • Elected to the Board of Directors
    • Learning Exchange 33 Application
    • Teaching and Learning Through Correspondence 2004 Application
    • Plain Connections: Convergence 2004 Denver
    • Fiber Trust
    • Learning Exchange Support Articles

COVER: Jiro Yonezawa. Drifter, 2001. Bamboo, cane, urushi lacquer; 14 by 8 inches. Photograph by Bill Bachhuber.