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Rep Guidelines

HGA Area Representatives Guidelines


The Representative Liaison of the HGA Board of Directors will appoint all HGA Representatives (State, Provincial, and International). All Representatives must be current members of HGA and must continue to be members of HGA during their term of service.


Term of appointment will be for a two-year period, usually from one Convergence® conference to the next, with a reappointment possible, if this is the decision of the Representative Liaison.


Upon appointment of a new HGA Representative, the HGA Office will provide these materials:

  • HGA Stationery for all correspondence (upon request).
  • Complimentary copies of some, but not all, HGA publications.
  • List of HGA members in each state, province or country will be sent from the office in the fall. Members who have opted-out will not be on this list.

    Please note:

    • Privacy Policy: The lists of HGA members may not be given to any individual, organization, or commercial firm without the prior permission of the Representative Liaison of the HGA Board of Directors. Each request for use of the lists will be forwarded to the Representative Liaison; requests will be evaluated on an individual basis. No information concerning membership will be used or released except for HGA-related activities.



  • Upon retirement from office, the outgoing Representative may recommend to the Representative Liaison/HGA Board of Directors names of HGA members to be considered for his/her replacement. The outgoing Representative may not appoint his/her successor. This is the prerogative of the Representative Liaison.
  • Upon retirement, the stationery and other pertinent materials shall be passed on to the new HGA Representative, if that is possible, or returned to the HGA office. The HGA Representative may keep the complimentary copies of HGA publications.


  • Become familiar with services and publications of HGA, including the website
  • Encourage individuals to sign up to receive HGA’s email newsletters.
  • Attend Convergence® conferences and the Rep Rally meeting, if possible.
  • Encourage and support individual HGA members.
  • Encourage and support guilds. Contact all guilds within your area, introduce yourself, and offer assistance when needed. This contact may be established by a personal visit, a letter or email to each guild, or by placing an announcement in the state or regional newsletter.
  • Ask each guild to send a copy of the guild newsletter to you as the HGA Representative. Encourage guilds to maintain contact with you.
  • Visit the guilds within your area whenever possible.
  • Promote HGA wherever and whenever possible.
  • Offer to present a program on the services of HGA. Use of Slide Kits and/or Textile Kits, or the HGA video, "The Connecting Thread," will be provided free of charge by the HGA office when promoting HGA.
  • Attend and display HGA materials at area and regional conferences, fairs, regional meetings, and special events. The HGA office will provide promotional materials and publications if these are requested well in advance of the meeting. An HGA display sign is available. If the function is a regional conference, and if it is not in use by another group, the HGA office will ship a tabletop display unit at no charge, with return FedEx ticket enclosed.

IMPORTANT: If you need promotional materials, publication, and/or the display sign, be sure you contact the HGA office at least four (4) weeks in advance of your needs. Either telephone the office (678-730-0010) or contact the office by email

  • Send HGA news to regional and guild newsletters. Remind the guilds that information in the "Update" section of Shuttle Spindle & Dyepotmagazine, as well as information seen on the HGA website ( may be reproduced in newsletters. Articles inSS&D are copyrighted and may not be reproduced without written permission.
  • Encourage guilds to become HGA Guild Affiliates and encourage guild members to become HGA members.
  • Distribute the extra copy of Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot magazine that you receive each quarter to guilds, libraries, schools, universities, craft centers, senior citizen centers, or wherever there are people interested in weaving, spinning, dyeing or basketmaking.
  • Distribute HGA membership applications to commercial shops. Keep copies handy to give to anyone interested in HGA.
  • Contact your state and/or local Arts Council. Ask that your name be placed on their mailing lists for their newsletter. Report exhibits, HGA Award winners, and other important textile events for publication in their newsletter. Links to Press Releases are on HGA’ website.
  • Provide information to the HGA office for inclusion in SS&D. Seek articles about guild or individual projects, exhibits, solo exhibitions, conferences, fairs, honors, etc. Encourage others to submit articles about new ideas or events.
  • Submit news of your area, article ideas, and calendar items for SS&D.
  • Provide HGA office with the following information from your regions:
    • Guild information for the guild database maintained in the HGA office.
    • Request a yearly update of each guild's name, contact name, address, meeting place and time, current officers and number of members in each guild.
    • Ask whether or not the guild is an HGA Guild Affiliate.
    • Send information about new guilds or the dissolution of a guild to the HGA office.
    • Information concerning accredited schools and universities and other fiber learning opportunities.
    • Information about any suppliers/vendors of fiber and equipment in your region.
    • Fiber conferences, providing information as soon as the date is set.
  • Promote the HGA Award. The HGA Representative should not serve as juror of these awards.


  • Periodically, report to the Representative Liaison/HGA Board of Directors to tell what has been done to promote HGA in your area. This is in addition to annual reports.
  • Submit an Annual Report each spring to Representative Liaison/HGA Board and the HGA office, including:
    • Activities relating to fiber (weaving, spinning, dyeing and basketmaking) in your state, province, or country.
    • Activities during the past year relating specifically to HGA.
    • Recommendations of ways to improve services to HGA members.
    • Your annual expense report, using the form provided in your Notebook.
  • Remember, your Representative Liaison/HGA Board of Directors is your voice on the Board of Directors and needs to know your concerns, problems you hear about in your role as HGA Representative, and the accolades you hear. Please keep the Liaison informed through the periodic reports.


  • Expenses up to the amount of $50.00 may be reimbursed when conducting HGA business. While this is not much funding, please remember that HGA is a nonprofit organization with little monetary support outside the HGA membership.
  • Any request for reimbursement for an expense above $50.00 must be submitted to the Representative Liaison/HGA Board of Directors two (2) months prior to the time when the expense will be incurred.
  • If the proposed expense is approved, a report of the event/expenditure, along with receipts, must be submitted within two (2) months after the event to the Representative Liaison/HGA Board of Directors. Reimbursement will be made from the HGA office.

Other Information

  • Correspondence
    • HGA stationery is to be used only for official correspondence.
    • Answer all correspondence promptly and keep a file of all correspondence.
    • Provide your email address in your correspondence, if applicable, and encourage email communication whenever possible. Maintain printout copies of email files.
    • Copies of any correspondence between the HGA Representative and the HGA office will be provided to the Representative Liaison/HGA Board of Directors.
  • The HGA Representative's name, address, and telephone number will be published once a year in Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot. It will be made available to members upon request.
  • The HGA Representative's name and email will be posted publicly on HGA’s website.
  • HGA Representatives will be given priority registration for the Convergence® conference.
  • Representatives are encouraged to volunteer to help in the HGA booth or other areas at the Convergence® conference.

For more information on volunteering,or to join HGA, please contact:

Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.
1255 Buford Highway, Suite 211 
Suwanee, GA 30024

Telephone: (678) 730-0010