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Spinning and Weaving Week, 
The first full week of October

Publicity for Your Events

Good publicity is importantfor any event to be successful. Would you give a party and notissue invitations? To help you achieve your goal, here are someideas:

News Releases:

Attached are four sample newsreleases. Tailor them to fit your group and its plans. Take thewrite-up to the Home/Family editor of the local newspaper. Whenyou visit the newspaper office, discuss with the editor othercoverage the newspaper might like to give for the Week. Invitehim/her to come, with a photographer, to your guild meeting orto the demonstration. Give the editor leads on guild members whohave an interesting story, such as: the one who founded your guild,the oldest member, the youngest member, the one who spins exoticfiber, or who keeps silkworms in the back hall or a llama in theback yard, or the one who wins prizes in exhibitions. All pressreleases should be double-spaced (which we have not done herein the interest of space).

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4

Send them to:

  • Local and area newspapers
  • Radio stations
  • Television stations
  • Area organizations:
    • Women's clubs: quilting, needlework guilds, garden clubs, social groups
    • Senior Citizens organizations
    • Community centers
    • Libraries
    • Schools
    • Historical societies
    • Museums
    • 4-H and Scout groups
    • Chambers of Commerce
  • Sewing and needlework shops
  • If you publish a guild newsletter or a shop newsletter, include news about Spinning and Weaving Week. Ask for participants and make your plans known to potential viewers. Involve as many people as you can.


If you regularly advertise inthe newspaper or on the radio, include a "teaser" aboutSpinning and Weaving Week in your advertising, starting severalweeks in ahead of time. Prepare handouts for exhibits or demonstrations.These may include:

  • Guild events for the coming year
  • Schedules of classes offered through local weaving and spinning shops
  • Names and addresses of exhibit participants interested in selling their work
  • A write-up about spinning and weaving today