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Photography Guidelines

Since most exhibitions are juried from slides, it is important to submit clear, good quality, original 35 mm slides when you enter an exhibition. Often the quality of the slides is the determining factor when a juror selects work for an exhibition or an editor selects a piece for reproduction in a magazine, catalog, or postcard. All photographs, slides, transparencies, or black and white glossy print photographs should be sharp and clear without background clutter. To help ensure that your work will be considered we have developed the following guidelines:

Prior to mounting or framing, have your work photographed by a professional photographer who has experience photographing art and fiber work. Ask to see a portfolio.

If you photograph the work yourself:
  • Use film appropriate for color enhancement and light sensibility. Check with your camera store. Pink, yellow or fuzzy slides will not represent your work favorably.
  • Use a suitable background and/or surface, free of clutter, wrinkles, sheen or pattern. The background should provide good contrast and focus for the artwork.
  • At least one slide or photograph should center the work with an adequate amount of background and foreground (surface) to give depth of field and to allow for the slide or photograph to be enlarged without cutting off the bottom of the piece.
  • At least one slide or photograph should be a detail shot, where the frame is filled with a close-up detail of the work to show surface texture, etc.
  • Do not photograph your work under glass or after it has been framed. Cast shadows and reflections distort the image and do not reproduce well.
  • Do not include a ruler, coin or other object to show scale.
  • If possible, take a Polaroid prior to shooting slides. The Polaroid will give you an indication of light, contrast, etc., and highlight most problems.
  • Follow the instructions in the prospectus for including information for each piece entered.
  • NEVER write on the back of a black & white glossy or 4-color print. Write the information on a label and adhere the label to the back of the print.
  • When submitting slides, transparencies or black and white glossy prints to magazines, newspapers or galleries, be sure to include the following information:

1. Artist’s name
2. Shipping address of artist
3. Telephone, fax, and email address
4. Name of piece, date completed
5. Media, fiber content, technique and size
6. Name of photographer to be given photo credit
7. Name of exhibition, gallery or museum if applicable
8. Indicate top of piece with an arrow