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Monday July 9, 2018

 Monday July 9, 2018

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  9:00 a.m.–4:30 p.m.

Sloane_Knitting_WiredKnitting Wired
Monday, Tuesday

Adrienne Sloane  Wire is a wonderful, flexible medium to use to make delicate and interesting jewelry. In this class we'll cover the basics of working with different gauge wire starting with knitting needles and moving onto other methods with heavier gauges as time permits. We will make simple but beautiful pieces that can also be embellished with beads.  The class will also cover resources and materials for successful wire knitting.

Prerequisite:  Should have basic knitting skills.

Materials Fee: $0  Level: All.


Saulson_Joy of ColorThe Joy of Color
Monday, Tuesday
Sarah Saulson  In this hands-on weaving  workshop we will work at our own looms with a striped warp to open new windows into the expressive beauty of color in weaving.  We will explore how structure influences color perception, study a wealth of color interactions, and build confidence in color manipulation. Loom required*.
Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom.

Materials Fee: $20. Level: Intermediate.




Essen Supplemental warp
Weaving with Supplemental Warps  Closed
Monday, Tuesday

Deb Essen  This class is an introduction to weaving supplemental warps without a second back beam! Supplemental warps are additional warps used to create pattern running the length of the textile in your weaving. Tips, tricks and techniques will be shared to give you a firm foundation for supplemental warp weaves. Loom required*.
Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom and read a draft.

Materials Fee: $0. Level: Intermediate.



Petrini_Weaving Year of WonderA Weaving Year of Wonder (4 Shafts)  Closed

Marcy Petrini  Plan 12 projects while exploring a different structure each month, each appropriate for the final use of the cloth, and matched with the best fiber and yarn. The ultimate goal is not only to plan unique projects, but also to acquire a broad knowledge applicable to future projects.
Prerequisite: Must be able to read of draft.

Materials Fee: $15. Level: Beginner.



Deflected Double Weave Image
Deflected Double Weave as a Collapse Weave Closed

Denise Kovnat  Deflected double weave is a favorite among weavers: a straightforward structure allowing for bold color and strong graphic shapes. Combine this with collapse weave techniques and you gain texture and dimensionality. This workshop helps you understand and design Deflected Double Weave fabrics that will collapse, pleat, and ripple after washing.
Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom and read a draft.

Materials Fee: $4. Level: Intermediate.


Taylor_Kumihimo Image

Essential Kumihimo Closed

Jannie Taylor  A First Look or a Review. Learn the basics of this braiding technique.  Learn to prepare and set up the bobbins and weights on the Marudai.  Several basic braids will be covered; most are 8-bobbin flat and round braids with a few 10, 12 and 16 strand examples. Marudai required*.

Materials Fee: $15. Level: Beginner.



Hartshorn_IkatInspiration and Ideas for Ikat Design   Closed

Linda Hartshorn  Design a warp for a lovely scarf inspired by the fabrics of Guatemala! We’ll use the color wheel, mathematical formulas, yarn wrapping, and a few other tricks to plan a striped ikat warp. Learn to tie warp threads for ikat, and dye them in the workshop with procion dyes.
Prerequisite: Must be able to warp a loom.

Materials Fee: $25. Level: Intermediate.



Gaustad My cardMy Card: Handspinner  Closed

Stephanie Gaustad An introduction and exploration of carded fiber, looking at the tool and hand process. Hand cards can be used to produce woolen/semi worsted preparation better than you can buy. It does involve some practice using the cards and knowledge of what cards can and cannot do. The best way to judge your carded material is to spin it and we will do just that in class. We will not be carding continually. Lecture/hands on carding/demo carding/spin samples. Q & A periods. Spinning wheel or spindle required*.

Materials Fee: $20. Level: Intermediate.


Netting Basics  Closed

Trey Gehring  Net-making is one of the oldest forms of textile production, but is now a lesser-known technique among fiber art practitioners. In this workshop, students will learn the basics of creating diagonal and square nets. Potential applications of these techniques, both functional and artistic, will be discussed.

Materials Fee: $10. Level: Beginner.



Heydt_Art_JournalNot your Nana's Nuno Art Journal Workshop  Closed

Joan Berner Participants will work with fibers to create a watercolor style background image as they bond the fibers onto silk fabric.  This process does not use the traditional rolling method, but a technique developed to allow the fibers to bond with the silk with minimal distortion to the image.  Students will embellish as desired then learn how to cover their hardback art journal using book-binding techniques.

Materials Fee: $25. Level: All.





Tapestry for Beginners   Closed
Joanne Hall  Tapestry is a weaving technique which lets you express your ideas and creativity with color, shapes and lines.  Weave a sampler of techniques on a tapestry frame small enough to fit into a tote bag.  The loom and all supplies will be provided with many colors to make your sampler colorful and fun to weave.

Materials Fee: $30. Level: Beginner.





9:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m.


Larson_Dorset Buttons

Dorset Buttons: A Needlework Tradition  Closed
Monday morning
Kate Larson  Soft, handmade buttons made from linen thread and bits of cloth were made in Dorset, England, as early as the beginning of the seventeenth-century. Come learn about the history of these special buttons, and how to make several ring-style, thread-wound buttons using traditional and modern materials.

Materials Fee: $5. Level: Beginner.

Stam_Open your Weaving new Possibilities

Open Your Weaving To New Possibilities 
Monday morning
Mickey Stam  We will explore how to gain inspiration from the larger art world for your weaving.  Media, such as sculpture, music, architecture, performance art, fashion design, film and installation art, all can provide instruction and inspiration.  Brainstorming exercises will help you explore new ideas for your work.

Materials Fee: $0. Level: All.




9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.


Neilson_ripped about rep

"Ripped" About Rep  Closed 
Monday morning
Rosalie Neilson  Learn about the design process and practical details of Warp-Faced Rep. See how curves from nature – a wren, a crow, a leaf, a frozen river seen from an airplane window – inspire the creation of colorful wall hangings and rugs. Following the lecture, participants will create two color wraps, one for the pattern colored layer, and the other for the background colored layer.

Materials Fee: $2. Level: Beginner.



Collins_Price is Right

How do You Know when the Price is Right?
Monday morning
Constance Collins  Tips and techniques for fair market pricing  This will be a structured look into how you price your products. Looking at how department stores price their private label brands will show attendees all the costs that go into pricing products. Important so you do not lose money on your sales. 

Materials Fee: $0. Level: All.


The Basics of Drafts and Drawdowns
Monday morning
Harriette Markos Roadman  Beginning with a selection of drafts and drawdowns for common structures, participants will learn how to read and interpret drafts for weaving.  Repeats, reflections, and balancing of threading will be discussed.  If time allows, we will then enter the drafts into a computer program for comparison. 

Materials Fee: $2. Level: Beginner.


Marshall_Splendor laminates

The Splendor of Precious Laminates in Japanese Weaves
Monday morning
John Marshall  An in-depth presentation of how precious laminates such as gold, silver, platinum, and mother-of-pearl are used to enhance a range of fibers and weaves found in traditional Japanese textiles. Lots of hands-on samples for close inspection.

Materials Fee: $0. Level: All.



1:30 p.m.-4:30 p.m.


Larson_ fine lace

A Fine Thread: Spinning for Lace
Monday afternoon
Kate Larson  Lace yarns are a diverse group created using a variety of spinning techniques and fibers. This class will help you combine these elements to design the yarn you want. Work with a variety of wools, a few luxury surprises, and discuss selecting fleeces and adjusting your wheel for lace spinning. Spinning Wheel, Spindle, or E-Spinner required*.
Prerequisite: Must be able to spin and ply a basic yarn.

Materials Fee: $10. Level: Intermediate.


Coifman_Rep weave books bags

Rep Weave- Books, Bags, Boxes and Beyond   Closed
Monday afternoon
Lucienne Coifman  Rep weave is a very linear weave whose rib structure lends itself easily to bending and folding into useful shapes. We will review the fundamentals of rep weave and explore how to build 3-dimensional pieces using special material. The last hour will be spent building a sewing needle case or etui. Each student will receive a bag containing all the necessary elements.
Prerequisite: Should have some hand sewing skills.
Materials Fee: $18. Level: All.


Neilson_ Block Design

The Power of Block Design  Closed
Monday afternoon
Rosalie Neilson  Block designs consist of black and white blocks on grid paper, where black is pattern and white is background. Learn how the textures of 4-shaft huck lace are used to develop two-block motifs, and how these simple motifs form more elaborate patterns. Practice making and converting block designs into a variety of weave structures.
Prerequisite: Must be able to read a draft.

Materials Fee: $20. Level: Beginner.


Stam_ Weave Passion

Weaving Your Passion
Monday afternoon
Mickey Stam  We will explore artistic content in weaving, including a discussion of the expectations of galleries and show judges, who may see weaving as functional craft, rather than art. Exercises will help you consider how to incorporate your passions into your work and write artist statements that communicate your intentions.

Materials Fee: $0. Level: All.


Azure Jewelry Weaving image

Woven Metal Pin/Pendant   
Monday afternoon
Anastasia Azure  Create a stunning pin or pendant by weaving with colorful wire and thin sheet metal (copper, brass and aluminum). We will play with basic weave structures, color and shape. No experience necessary and these techniques can be easily reproduced at home with a few hand tools.
Materials Fee: $15. Level: Beginner.



1:30 p.m.-3:00 p.m.


The Never Ending Warp
Monday afternoon
Harriette Markos Roadman  Challenge:  Given a specific 4 shaft twill threading with 4 treadle tie-up, how many different designs can be woven using threads from your stash?  Alternations in treadling are permitted.  Harriette will share some of the techniques she has developed to make it work, and will illustrate a variety of results.

Materials Fee: $0. Level: All.