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"Letter to the Editor" Reply 2001

Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot


Letter to the Editor, page 5, Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot, Fall 2001:


Why would you dedicate a site to hand weaving? Just thought I'd ask. Please get back to me on that.

 --- Tacoma, Washington, email

Editor’s Note: We have received requests for the answer to the above email letter from Tacoma, Washington, that appeared in the Fall issue of SS&D.

Answer from Judy Dominic, HGA Chair of PR and Marketing in 2001:

The quick answer is "why not?"

The long answer has to do with connections, interests and education. The website of is the electronic equivalent to bringing our worldwide membership together for a meeting. And, as with most nonprofit memberships, the "meeting" is open for guests to drop by and find out what we are about.

The "what we are about" is fibers: handweaving, spinning, dyeing, basketmaking and other related forms of handwork with fibers and textiles. Fibers and textiles are things that are integral parts of our daily living whether we are really aware or not of the cloth on our backs and beds. Just as there are folks interested in how a pot is made, our membership is interested in how cloth is made and, even more basically, in how the threads come about. Their interests extend beyond simply the knowledge of those mechanics to the production of their own yarn and cloth for use, sale and display. There is an entrancing magic about taking fibers from an animal’s back and being able to wear those fibers to an evening dinner party. As clothing and cloth in general will be needed for a while more in our society, our membership feeds the textile industry with designers and technical experts. Our efforts at education continue to be an important service to the understanding and preservation of historic textiles and their cultures.

I hope this has answered your question. Thanks for asking! Please stop by the site again and check out all that HGA offers.