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C020 Leader Application

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Convergence® Knoxville 2020 Leader Application

Welcome to the Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.'s Proposal Process for the 2020 Convergence.

Thank you for taking time to submit a Session proposal for HGA's Convergence Conference taking place at the Knoxville Convention Center in Knoxville. Tennessee July 24-30, 2020. Before you complete the application, read the instructions and guidelines below. 

If you have read the guidelines, begin your application here by signing into your account or opening an account.

If you have any problems, please contact the HGA office at 678-730-0010.


The Handweavers Guild of America’s (HGA) mission is to educate, support and inspire the fiber art community. One of the ways we do this is with Convergence®, our biennial international fiber arts conference attracting more than 1,500 participants for a multi-faceted experience with exhibitions, shopping, fashion show, tours, workshops, seminars, lectures, and more. At the heart of Convergence® is the Sessions, taught by the world’s leading fiber arts instructors as well as those that are up-and-coming in the field, known as Convergence® Leaders.

 Convergence® Sessions are offered in the following formats:


  • ·         90-Minute Seminars are generally an oral session in a lecture format or a very simple project. Seminars usually require the participant to bring minimal supplies such as pen and paper and generally have no materials fee.
  • ·         3-Hour Seminars are either an in-depth lecture or an introductory hands-on “how-to” course designed to give participants skills or knowledge to take back and implement at home.
  • ·         1-Day, 2-Day and 3-Day Workshops offer 6, 12 or 18 hours of in-depth exploration of the subject matter with hands-on instruction. Workshops may require pre-conference preparation by the participant. Workshops will have limited enrollment to provide participants with a more engaging experience.


 The Convergence® Leader Selection committee seeks a diverse selection of proposals. We are looking to offer our conference participants a variety of beginner, intermediate and advance Sessions to choose from including traditional fiber arts experiences and Sessions that are new, innovative and unique to Convergence®. Approximately 65% of Convergence® participants have attended past conferences so new and innovative Sessions will be welcomed. Participants come from all over the United States and from around the world. HGA will assist attendees who are traveling from afar with loom rentals, but availability will be limited. When planning your Session, please keep in mind the restrictions that travel may impose on participants’ ability to bring supplies for your proposed Session.


Proposed Sessions will be evaluated based on overall quality, relevance to the industry, well-defined focus and objectives, practical applications of material, relevance and timeliness of the topic, originality of material, hands-on learning for immediate application, and educator qualifications (including level of speaking experience and expertise). Each Session must be educational in nature. It is not acceptable to use a Session to advertise a program, product or service for sale. Convergence® Leaders are expected to comply with copyright law in selecting materials and images for their Sessions.


 Non-Compete. HGA does not impose any restrictions on teaching the same Session outside of Convergence®. However, please keep in mind that by doing so you may dilute the number of participants in your Convergence® Session. Low enrollment may lead to cancellation.


Enrollment. HGA requires Leaders to accept a minimum of 12 students per Session, however, HGA reserves the right to run a Session should enrollment fall below. Sessions with 20 or more students may request a Convergence® Intern to assist.


Convergence® Interns. These students are currently enrolled in accredited fiber arts programs at the undergraduate or graduate level. The program is designed to assist with career development by providing real work experiences that provide students with opportunities to explore their interests and develop professional skills and competencies while providing the Leader with a capable assistant to help manage a larger enrollment in their Session. HGA strongly encourages participation in this program.


WiFi. Please note that HGA does not provide internet service for Convergence® Sessions as it is cost-prohibitive. We recognize the role that technology can play in presenting information. While we would like to provide internet access and fulfill the technical equipment needs of our Convergence® Leaders, we are not in a position to do so. Some conference facilities may offer free WiFi, but reliability cannot be guaranteed. Please contact the HGA office for more information about availability prior to submitting a proposal.


Supplies and Equipment. HGA will provide dry erase boards with colored markers and erasers (size may vary, a table will be provided to elevate and assist with propping dry erase board against a wall) and projection screens. HGA does not provide projectors. For a full list of equipment provided by HGA (such as dye pots, sewing machines, etc.), please refer to the application. These items must be requested in your proposal. Supplies and equipment brought by the Leader may be shipped in advance to the conference Decorator. Shipping costs are the responsibility of the Convergence® Leader. Upon selection of your Session and signing of the Convergence® Leader Agreement, HGA will provide shipping instructions and a fee schedule.


Materials and Sales. Digital handouts, shared with Session participants in advance, are encouraged. Convergence® Leaders may charge a materials fee for items they provide to their participants such as printed booklets, fiber, beads, dyes, etc. Please ensure that these fees are reasonable. Higher materials fees often dissuade registration. Convergence® Leaders may not sell additional supplies, publications, or handcrafted items in the classroom or in the public areas of the conference. HGA suggests Leaders connect with Convergence® vendors to arrange for sales. HGA will also work with Leaders to provide a scheduled and advertised time in the HGA Leader booth where a Leader may sell these items if they prefer to sell directly to participants.


Membership. All Convergence® Leaders must be or become HGA members upon receiving notification of proposal acceptance and must maintain membership through 


If more than one proposal is accepted, HGA will do its best to schedule your Sessions concurrently. When this is not possible, you may be eligible for additional hotel compensation.


Leader Compensation


1.    Honoraria will be paid at a rate of $100 per hour of instruction ($150 for a 90-Minute Seminar, $300 for a 3-Hour Seminar, $600 for a 1-Day Workshop, $1200 for a 2-Day Workshop, and $1800 for a 3-Day Workshop). All Sessions will require a minimum of 5 registered students or they will be subject to cancellation. Honoraria will be adjusted from the hourly rate to a per student rate for Workshop Sessions with 5 to 11 registered students: $50 per student for a 1-Day Workshop, $100 per student for a 2-Day Workshop, and $150 per student for a 3-Day Workshop.  


2.    Travel Reimbursement of $50 for every three (3) hours of instruction for any Leader residing 150 miles or more from the conference site. Leaders are responsible for arranging their own travel.


3.    Hotel Compensation will be paid directly to a Convergence® Hotel by HGA and will be provided at half (½) the cost (or 50% of the cost) of a double/double room night at a blocked room rate at a Convergence® Hotel under the following schedule:


6 Class Hours of Instruction…

Two (2) Nights at 50%

7-12 Class Hours of Instruction…

Three (3) Nights at 50%

13-18 Class Hours of Instruction…

Four (4) Nights at 50%

19-24 Class Hours of Instruction…

Five (5) Nights at 50%

25 or More Class Hours of Instruction…

Six (6) Nights at 50%


Leaders are responsible for making their own Convergence® hotel reservation and securing a roommate. Leaders are responsible for any miscellaneous fees and services (e.g. food, movies, parking, room service, etc.).


4.    Complimentary Convergence® Conference Registration, includes daily admission to the Marketplace, Demonstrations, Panels and Art Exhibits; 1 ticket to the Fashion Show; 1 ticket to the Keynote Speaker; an HGA Tote Bag; and discounted session registration.



Application Deadline: December 15, 2018


Selected individuals will be notified by June 30, 2019. For more information or if you have questions, please email or call (678) 730-0010.


How to Apply


Step 1:   Preview the application and prepare your materials. You will need a current headshot and 2-3 images representative of your proposed session in JPG format with a minimum resolution of 300 PPI and labeled to our specifications.


                        Headshot:   Label the image using your last name and then first name.


                                             Example: Smith_Joan.jpg


               Session Image:   Label the image using your last name followed by the image title.


                                             Example: Smith_WeavingBasics.jpg


Step 2:   Visit HGA’s Website,, and click on My Account. Log into your Account. If you do not have an account, create one.


Step 3:   Upload a current Headshot.


1.    From the dropdown menu “What would you like to do?” select “Upload Documents”


2.    Click “Upload a New Document”


3.    Type “Headshot” for “Document Name”


4.    Type “Headshot” in the “Comments”


5.    Click “Browse” to Upload your File


6.    Click “Submit”


Step 4:   Complete and submit Part 1: Applicant Information.


1.    From the dropdown menu “What would you like to do?” select Convergence Leader Application


2.    Complete and submit


Step 5:   Check your email. You will receive an email confirmation that Part 1 of your application was received. Save this for your records. From the email click on the link for Part 2 of the application (Session Proposal).


Step 6:   Complete and submit Part 2: Session Proposal.


1.    Click on the link ( in your Part 1 confirmation email to access Part 2 of the application


2.    Complete the application, upload your session images according to the instructions, and submit – we recommend printing the webpage prior to submitting


3.    You will receive a message on your computer screen thanking you for your proposal (you will not receive an email)


4.    If submitting more than one Session Proposal, repeat steps 1–3 for each Session