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    Date Topics
_______ 27 Summer 76 Corn Silk, Mrs. Washington’s Gown, Spinning History, Manzanita-Dye Wood
_______ 28 Fall 1976 Norwegian Tradition, The Shaker Technique, Weavings of the Guatemalan Highland Maya, Making Ends Meet at the Loom
_______ 29 Winter 76 Kente, Dyeing in the Rockies, Technology of Basketry, Winding a Bobbin
_______ 30 Spring 77 Weaver Rose, A History of Silk, Experiment Countermarch, Harness Lace
_______ 31 Summer 77 Dhabla Weaving, French Tapestry, Linen History, Summer & Winter
_______ 37 Winter 78 Dressing a Distaff, Yurt, Nature’s Colors, Blankets of New Mexico
_______ 38 Spring 1979 Spinning with a Bead Whorl Spindle, Warp Faced Patterning, Dyeing and Spinning Cotton Lint, Yarn Storage Trees
_______ 41 Winter 79 Drafting with Color, High Whorl Spindle, Seattle Garment Designs, Shaping with Warp
_______ 42 Spring 80 Designing Block Weaves, Exercises in Design, Miniature Garments, Wadmal
_______ 45 Winter 80 Ideal Spinning Wheel, Weaving on a Diamond Grid, Culture & Costume in Edo, Japan
_______ 47 Summer 81 Name Draft, Novelty Yarns, Bead Leno
_______ 48 Fall 81 Warp Ikat, Color and Weave, Wool for Handspinning
_______ 50 Spring 82 Color and Weave or Rosepath, Color Draw Up, Drafting
_______ 51 Summer 82 Rya Rugs, Weft Faced Garments of Peru, Mineral Dyes
_______ 52 Fall 82 Aubusson Tapestry, Wickerwork Basket, Salish Weaving, Rya, Mineral Dyes
_______ 55 Summer 83 Twining, Hammocks, Papermaking
_______ 58 Spring 1984 Weaving & Felting, Temple Tapesty, Acid Dyeing, Color, 3-Color, Weft-Faced Block Weave, Tabby Color
_______ 59 Summer 84 Knotting Stitches, Basketry, Felted Fabric, Tuck Tactics
_______ 63 Summer 85 Kente, Color Baskets, Weft Twined Weaving
_______ 65 Winter 85 Transparent Textiles, Warp Woven Pile
_______ 66 Spring 1986 Basketry Traditions of Nova Scotia, Color Magic from Lichen Dyebaths, Dawn MacNutt: Sculptural Weaver
_______ 68 Fall 1986 Theo Moorman, Handspun into Lace, Basketmakers of Nova Scotia, Creative Weave Drafting, Scandinavian Style
_______ 69 Winter 86 Nantucket Lightship Basket, Guizhou Textiles, California Rags
_______ 70 Spring 1987 Coiled Hexagonal Plaiting, An Andes Tradition, Shawls without Seams, Sulted to Silk, Paper Palettes
_______ 71 Summer 87 Ribbed Piqué, Weaving of Tibet, Freeform Felt
_______ 72 Fall 87 Twining, Jacquard, Monks Belt, Supplementary Warp
_______ 73 Winter 87-88 Crackle Weave, Inlay, Shaker Baskets
_______ 74 Spring 1988 Dorothy Barnes' Fantasy Baskets, Weaving Jewish Traditions, The New Ripsmatta, Needlepoint Lace
_______ 75 Summer 88 Cardwoven Doubleweave Mattor Pickup, Papermaking
_______ 76 Fall 88 Tips for Linens, John McGuire’s Wearable Baskets, Akwete Weaving
_______ 77 Winter 88-89 Random Warp, Cotton Spinning, Color Harmonies
_______ 78 Spring 89 Drink Mix Dyes, Complementary Weft, Royal Restorations
_______ 79 Summer 89 Log Cabin Rugs, Heirloom Wedding Dress, Eight-Shaft Adventures
_______ 80 Fall 89 Backstrap Weavers of Mexico, Sheep-to-Shawl, Holiday Table Ensemble
_______ 82 Spring 90 Taming a Long Warp, Scarf, Friendship Coverlet, Handwoven Greeting Cards
_______ 83 Summer 90 Ribbed Piqué, Doubleweave, Warp-faced Blocks, Canvas Weave
_______ 84 Fall 90 Felt Coats, Opera Cape, Passion for Color
_______ 85 Winter 90-91 Silk Scarves, Beads, Shadow Weave
_______ 87 Summer 91 Boundweave, Lichen Dyes, The 16s
_______ 89 Winter 91-92 Drink Mix Dyes, Diagonals, Surface Weaves
_______ 90 Spring 92 Contemporary Navajo Textiles, Romona Sakiestewa, Micmac Basketmakers, Hopi Brocade Weave
_______ 92 Fall 92 Turned Ms & Os, Cherokee Basketry, Origins of Spinning & Weaving
_______ 94 Spring 93 Weaving for a Picnic, Flax and Ramie, Sweater that Shines, Angora Goats
_______ 95 Summer 93 Pam Patrie, Color or Weave Effects, Overshot, Spinning, Plying with Dental Floss
_______ 96 Fall 93 Small Expressions, Ann Sutton, Chilkat Blankets, Handspun Angora, Mohair
_______ 97 Winter 93-94 Coverlet Weaving, Twill Sampler, How to Organize Guild Programs
_______ 98 Spring 94 Textiles of Latvia and Estonia, Kasuri Dyeing/Weaving, Novelty Dyeing
_______ 99 Summer 94 Handkerchief, Network Drafting, Distorted Wefts
_______ 100 Fall 94 Handspun, Spindle Whorls, Dyers of Delphi, Drop Spindle
_______ 101 Winter 94-95 Spinning Cotton, Raw Silk, Bead Explosion, Network Drafting
_______ 102 Spring 95 Contemporary Weaving, Tencel, Wild Silks
_______ 105 Winter 95-96 Digital Weaving, Tatting, Shadow & Light, Kenaf Spinning
_______ 106 Spring 1996 Natacha Wolters-Queen of Beads, Keeping Spinning in the Ivory Coast, Tablet Weaving, Spinning, Weaving & Dyeing in Rural Crete
_______ 108 Fall 96 Taipeis Gael, Convergence 96, British Tapestry
_______ 109 Winter 96-97 Bauhaus, Margaret Roach Wheeler, Victor Jacoby, Russian Old Believers, LX
_______ 110 Spring 97 Navajo Textiles, Mary Frances Davidson, Kashmir Shawls, The Teaching Circuit: Part I
_______ 112 Fall 97 Elizabeth Wayland Barber, The Carolina Flax Project, The Teaching Circuit: Part III
_______ 113 Winter 97-98 Maru Dai, Alpaca, Warp-Faced Rep, Flax, The Teaching Circuit: Part IV
_______ 114 Spring 98 Understanding Copyright, Leon Niehues, Helena Hernmarck, Treasured Buttons
_______ 116 Fall 98 Convergence 98 exhibits, C.A. Michel, Chiyoko Tanaka, TLC
_______ 117 Winter 98/99 Lewis Knauss, Lyn Sterling Montagne, Double Weave, Spinning Fiber Blends
_______ 119 Summer 99 Kenneth Trapp, Silvia Heyden, Larsen Archive, Kids Fiber Fun Camp, LX#25
_______ 120 Fall 99 Convergence 2000 featured speakers, Peter Collingwood, HGA at Thirty, Ann Hall-Richards, Patagonian Textiles
_______ 121 Winter 99-00 Woven Shibori, Weaving the Convergence 2000 Logo, Pirkko Karvonen, Jane Evans
_______ 122 Spring 2000 Cheryl Samuel, COE Handbooks Revision, Wrapped in Pride, The Catherine Marshall Gardiner Basket Collection
_______ 123 Summer 2000 Jung Sook Lee, Korean Fiber Artist, Feltmaking, Weft-Faced Rug Weaving, Beach Weaving
_______ 125 Winter 2000/2001 Ai-shi, Japan’s Indigo Masters, Judy Mulford, The Carnegie Fabrics Exhibit, On the Weaverbird Trail
_______ 126 Spring 2001 Chad Alice Hagen, Young Ja Choi, Paiute Basketry, Tassels through Time, Utilitarian, Decorative Ceremonial Blankets
_______ 127 Summer 2001 Keeping a Dyeing Tradition Alive, Japanese Fishermen’s Coats Exhibit, LX#29, Kids Fiber Fun Camp
_______ 128 Fall 2001 Convergence 2002 Vancouver Featured Speakers, Jewelry of Arline Fisch, Dobag and the Revival of Turkish Rug Weaving
_______ 129 Winter 01/02 Basketmaker Marilyn Moore, Joanne Soroka’s Tapestries, 10th Annual Triennial, Weaving in Nagaland, LX#30
_______ 130 Spring 2002 Technology as Catalyst, Vancouver’s Museum of Anthropology, Embroidery from India, Cedar Bark Hats, Inger Anne Utvåg
_______ 131 Summer 2002 Jan Hopkins, Barbara Heller, Kids Fiber Fun Camp, LX#31
_______ 132 Fall 2002 Ikat Rebozos of Central Mexico, Tsunami: Yardage Exhibit, Shopping on the Web, Susan Iverson Talks About Her Works
_______ 133 Winter 2002/2003 Phosphorescence: HGA's Convergence 2002 Exhibit, European Textile Museums, COE-Dyeing Examination, Learning Exchange 32
_______ 134 Spring 2003 Cross Currents: Convergence 2002 Basketry Exhibit, Tapestry in Hungary, HGA 2002 Award Recipients, Marketing and the Fiber Artist, The Kilbarchan Project, Special Supplement: Generations/Transformations: American Fiber Art at the American Textile History Museum
_______ 136 Fall 2003 Convergence 2004 Denver Featured Speakers, Sculptural Baskets of Lindsay K. Rais, Chunghie Lee3: Ambassador of Korean Pojagi, Color/Colour/Color—Forecasting Trends, Convergence 2004 Denver Registration Book
_______ 137 Winter 2003/04 Three Generations of Tapestry Weavers; Mary Zicafoose: The Power of Transformation; Swedish Lace (LX Support Arti cle); Japonisme in American Fiber Art Today; Spinning Cotton Happily (LX Support Article); Atwater/Powell Shadow Weave (LX Support Article); Let's Strip! (LX Support Article)
_______ 138 Spring 2004 Cloth Tells a Story, The Inspired Vessel, Tapestry - Yesterday and Today, Laheria, James Koehler
_______ 141 Winter 2004/2005 SOFA Chicago, Lia Cook, Mountain Majesty C04 Exhibit, From Fleece to Fiber: A Tale of Three Fiber Processors, Right From the Start: Plan a Project, Out of the Stash LX, Weaving a Lord of the Rings Fellowship Cloak LX, Balanced Plain Weave LX, Fiber Identification through Various Tests LX
_______ 142 Spring 2005 HGA Award Recipients, Right From the Start: Design Fabrics Using Versatile Twills, Queen of the Plains C04 Exhibit, The New Sculpture, Laura Foster Nicholson, The Creative Journey: Listening to Your Intuition, Felt History
_______ 143 Summer 2005 2005 Discovered in the Dance: The Work of Ferne Jacobs, Right From the Start: Weave Weft-faced, Warp-faced, and Uneven Fabrics, Artwear: A Brief History, HGA/Interweave Press Teach-It-Forward 2004 Grant Recipient, Contemporary Feltmakers, Twills LX, Spinning Silk for Embroidery LX, Thick n Thin LX, Orange Spinning Challenge LX, Tapestry Crochet a Cell Phone Pouch, Kids Fiber Fun Camp, Bead Buddies, Flip Flop Fun
_______ 145 Winter 2005/2006 Grant Recipients for 2005, Right From the Start: Compare Summer-and-Winter and Overshot, Maine Fiberarts, The Kaunas Art Biennial: TEXTILE 05, Matisse and His Textile Library, Merino: A Golden Fleece LX, Advancing Twills LX, Shetland Sheep LX, Loom-Controlled Stitched Double Cloth LX
_______ 146 Spring 2006 HGA Award Recipients for 2005, Meyer May House, Right From the Start: Keep Personal Fiber Inventories, Urban Jupena: Living the Artists Life, Intertwined: Contemporary Baskets from the Lieberman Collection, In Search of Mud: Bogolanfini, Bethany Barry, Harpies, Mermaids and Tulips: Embroidery of the Greek Islands and Epirus Region, Junco Sato Pollack, Susan Lenart Kazmer
_______ 147 Summer 2006 Miao Textiles from the Collection of Susan Weitzman Conway, Right From the Start: Incorporate Conference Attendance into Your Learning Process, The Textile Museums Thesaurus, A Journey of the Imagination, Line, Space and Form: Art of Kay Sekimachi, Takako Ueki and Habu, Block Twill LX, Flax LX, Monks Belt LX, Paper Thread LX; Kids Fiber Fun Camp, Having Fun with Needle, Thread, and Mesh Bags, Needle Weaving on a Frame Loom
_______ 148 Fall 2006 HGA and Dendel Scholarship Recipients for 2006, Right From the Start: Understand Weave Structure, D. James Dee: Translating the Artists Intentions, Back to the Floor Exhibition, HGAs Small Expressions 2006, Design and Color Trends for 2007, Convergence 2006, HGA Thanks Its Convergence Volunteers, Make a Grand Entrance Wearable Art Fashion Show, Life in the Creative Stream
_______ 149 Winter 2006/2007 Great Lengths: Yardage Exhibit, Right From the Start: Use Treadling Methods to Extend Your Options on Four Shafts, Cut and Sew with Confidence, John Garrett: Process, Materials and Vision, Dyeing without a Dyepot: Disperse Dyes, Nancy Moore Bess: Artist, Author, Artisan, Tablet Weaving: The Vacant Hole Technique LX, Spinning Variegated Fibers LX, Weaving Huck LX, Spinning Wool from Wensleydale Sheep LX
_______ 150 Spring 2006 HGA Award Recipients for 2006, Right From the Start: Plan Your Warp, The Colors of Nature, The Montreal Centre for Contemporary Textiles and Louise Lemieux-Berube, Craft in America, Sewing Handwoven Fabric with Confidence, Leki and Rinzin Wangmo: Weavers of Bhutan, Creative Grand Crossings: Multimedia Interlacements Exhibit
_________ 151 Summer 2007 Right From the Start-Keep Your Loom in Top Shape with the Appropriate Number of Heddles, Berta Frey's Dress, WeaveCast: A Podcast for Handweavers, Hems for Handwovens, Kyung Ae Cho, Marcel Marois: Meditations, Kids Fiber Fun Camp, Woven Ribbons, Summer Fun with Embellished Ribbons Memo Board, Alpacas LX, Fanciful Figures LX, Reading Manuscripts LX, Bamboo Mania LX
_________ 152 Fall 2007 HGA and Dendel Scholarship Recipients for 2007, Right from the Start-Assess Your Progress, HGA's Small Expressions 2007, At Home with Crafts, Featured Speakers for Convergence 2008, Joan Morris: A Journey with Shibori, Victoria Z. Rivers: Beyond the Shining Cloth, Weaving a World Back Together: Willa Shalit and the Path to Peace, Unfurled: Expressive ClothExhibition, Buttonholes, Kiyomi Iwata, Private Pleasures: Collecting Contemporary Textile Art
_________ 153 Winter 2007/2008 Right from the Start: Sley Your Reed According to Your Sett, Braid Embellishment for Clothing, Pricked: Extreme Embroidery, Barbara Layne: Concordia's Creative Collaborator, Weave with Bamboo (LX), Spinning Worsted without Combs (LX), An Introduction to Triaxial Weave (LX), Spinning Mohair (LX)
_________ 154 Spring 2008 Quilt Study Center & Museum, Textiles & Baseball, Right From the Start: What Can I Make with Just One? HGA Awards, Behind the Seams: Facings & Interfacings, BLUE, Laura Militzer Bryant and Prism Yarns, Polly Adams Sutton, High Touch and High Tech
_________ 155 Summer 2008 Waves of Creativity, Behind the Seams: Underlinings and Linings for Handwovens, Right From the Start: Learn Fabric Analysis, Bhakti Ziek, Under-Dyeing and Over-Dyeing with Indigo Tinctoria: A Certificate of Excellence in Dyeing Level II, The Victorian Tapestry Workshop in Action, Kids Fiber Fun Camp, Braided Pet Accessories, Punch Needle Embroidery
_________ 156 Fall 2008 HGA and Dendel Scholarship Recipients for 2008, Right from the Start—Sources of Inspiration, HGA's Small Expressions 2008, Convergence 2008 Tampa Bay, Fiber Exhibitions by Polly Barton, Mary Anne Jordan, Eleanor McCain, and Mary Zicafoose, Timbuktu to Tibet: Rugs and Textiles of the Hajjii Babas, Dance of the Flamingos Fashion Show and Exhibit at Convergence 2008, Convergence 2008 Design Challenge, The Spinner's Challenge: Three Yarn Sizes, One Fleece, Handwovens 911: Wear and Tear Repair, Want to Teach at Convergence? Seven Deadly Sins When Creating a Proposal for Convergence
_________ 157 Winter 2008/2009 Right from the Start—Explore Plain Weave and Its Derivatives, Kimono as Art: The Landscapes of Itchiku Kubota, Ebb Tide—Yardage Exhibition at Convergence 2008 Tampa Bay, The Cotsen Contemporary American Basket Collection: A Gift to Racine Art Museum, Sewing Tips for Table Linens, Lillian Whipple: the Logo Lady, A Taquet Project: Build a House, Put Fiber Artists on the Map, Selecting a Digital Projector
_________ 158 Spring 2009 Excursion Journal, Right from the Start—Extend Your Weaving to Upholstery Fabrics, Threads of Continuity Along the New Mexico Fiber Arts Trails, Constructed Color: Amish Quilts, HGA Award Recipients for 2008, Fashioning Felt, Salsa y Salsa—Multimedia Fiber Art Exhibition at Convergence 2008, Sewing Tips for Handwoven Pillows, Certificate of Excellence—What Is It and Why Do It?
_________ 159 Summer 2009 Right From the Start — Weaving Block Designs, Textures and Hues of the Fiber Arts Trails — Part I, The North Central Loop, Behind the Scenes: The Convergence Designers' Fashion Challenge in 2008, Reflections on a COE Journey, The Textile Museum's Recent Acquisitions Exhibition; Bead Crochet Rope Bracelet. A Family of Radially Symmetric, Ply-Split Braided Vessels, Kids Fiber Fun Camp, Potholder Loom Revisited: Projects for the 21st Century, Leno Lace on a Rigid Heddle Loom.
_________ 160 Fall 2009 Right From the Start — How to Get to Convergence 2010; Contemporary Japanese Fashion: The Mary Baskett Collection at The Textile Museum; HGA's Small Expressions; HGA and Dendel Scholarship Recipients for 2009; Textures and Hues of the Fiber Arts Trails — Part 2, The North Central Loop; Behind the Scenes: The Convergence Challenge Team: Nancy Peck and Diane Ericson; Organizing a Certificate of Excellence (COE), Level II, Study; and Small Wonders.
_________ 161 Winter 2009/2010 Right from the Start — Time Savers — or Not?; Planning Ahead? First, Look Back; Facing the Maze; The Center for Traditional Textiles of Cusco, Peru; Behind the Scenes: 2008 Designers' Challenge Team Irene Munroe and Louise Cutting; Teaching and Learning through Correspondence; Susan Lazear — Convergence 2010 Featured Speaker.
_________ 162 Spring 2010 Right From the Start—A Juror Can Provide Useful Feedback; HGA Award Recipients for 2009; Works in Progress: Convergence 2010 Design Challenge Includes University Teams; Polly Barton: Painter of Silk Ikats; Jill Heppenheimer; Katherine Lewis: Willow Basketmaker; Introducing... The Professional Design Challenge Teams, Convergence 2010
_________ 163 Summer 2010 Right From the Start—Learn a Variety of Treadling Patterns Step-by-Step; Backstrap Weaving in Latin America; Doors, Gates & Windows Exhibition; Weaving Generations Together: Evolving Creativity in the Maya of Chiapas; A National Museum of the American Coverlet: We Have One!; Kids Fiber Fun Camp; Ficklesticks; Rust Dyeing; Little Gems
_________ 164 Fall 2010 Right From the Start—Make a Plan to Learn about Weaving; HGAs Small Expressions 2010; HGA and Dendel Scholarship Recipients for 2010-2011; Colors of the Oasis: Central Asian Ikats; Convergence 2010 Albuquerque;Walk in Beauty Fashion Show and Exhibition at Convergence 2010; Eternal Love Wedding Ensemble; HGA Thanks Its Convergence Volunteers.
_________ 165 Winter 2010/2011 Right From the Start—Overshot & Monk’s Belt on 4 and 8 Shafts; HGA’s Enchanted—Yardage Convergence® 2010 Exhibition; Focus on Photography; Searching for Tapestry’s Identity: Gloria F. Ross as Tapestry É:diteur; My Magical COE Journey with Bead Leno; Traditions Preserved, Traditions Altered; Reflections on a Design Challenge Journey; Kumihimo with Wire Jewelry
_________ 166 Spring 2011 Right From the Start—Mixing Fibers Successfully; Eye Dazzlers HGA’s Convergence® 2010 Exhibit; Green: the Color and the Cause; Southwest Banded Blankets: Three Cultures, One Horizon; Alling Coverlet Museum Celebrates its 35th Anniversary; East Meets West in the Convergence® Design Challenge; Focus on Photography: The Times They Are a-Changin’
_________ 167 Summer 2011 Right From the Start—Flow Sheets Can Aid Your Design Process; Fiber & Travel Experiences Lead to Fulbright Grant; Bead Leno, A Fabric for Garments; Wrapping Traditions: Korean Textiles Now;Collaboration Produces Exceptional Results; Producing Accurate Color Part 1; Warehouse to Weavehouse—Weaving a Better Life; Kids Fiber Fun Camp; Loop-de-do!
_________ 168 Fall 2011 Right From the Start—Shopping for Inspiring Fibers at Convergence®; Dendel and HGA Scholarship Recipients for 2011; Fiber Futures: Japan’s Textile Pioneers; HGA’s Small Expressions 2011;Producing Accurate Color: Raw and DNG; HGA’s Convergence® 2012 Long Beach Registration Booklet
_________ 169 Winter 2011-2012 Right From the Start—Weaving Twill on a Plain Weave Warp; Raw Format: 2 Expose to the Right—Check Your Histogram; Aaron Kramer, Convergence® Featured Speaker; Student Assistants at Convergence® 2010; Lucy E. Dunne, Convergence® Featured Speaker; Weaving Abstraction: Kuba Textiles and the Woven Art of Central Africa; Seamless Woven Poncho
_________ 170 Spring 2012 Right From the Start—From Twills to False and True Satins; HGA Award Recipients 2011; Sourcing the Museum; Woven Treasures of Japans Tawaraya Workshop; Setting White Balance for JPEG Format; Cooperative Preserves Berber Weaving Tradition in Morocco; Introducing the Professional Design Challenge Teams
_________ 171 Summer 2012 Right From the Start—Choosing a Structure for Your Project; Setting a Custom White Balance; Teri Rofkar; The Maiwa Master Class: Raising the Bar for Natural Dyes; Tassel Depot: Keeping the Tradition Alive; Rust Dyeing With Color; Inspired by Potholder Looms; Kids Fiber Fun Camp; Teaching Kids Spinning & Weaving Using Common Objects
_________ 172 Fall 2012 Right From the Start—Try Some Saori® Free-Style Weaving; Dendel & HGA Scholarship Recipients for 2012; HGA’s Small Expressions 2012; HGA Thanks Its Volunteers; The Sultan’s Garden: The Blossoming of Ottoman Art; Convergence® 2012 Long Beach Wrap Up; Wearable Technology, E-Textiles, and Design; HGA’s Convergence® 2012 Fashion Show — Pacific Currents; Understanding Color Matching on Digital Devices, by Gregory Case
_________ 173 Winter 2012/2013 Right From the Start—Expand Your Fiber Life; HGA’s Convergence®Longitude Yardage Exhibition; Over the Moon and Hooked for Life; Math in a Basket: Weaving Serious Learning into Fun; Assembling an Exhibition—Innovators and Legends: Generations in Textiles and Fiber; Understanding Color Matching on Digital Devices, Part 2
_________ 174 Spring 2013 HGA Award Recipients for 2012; Right From the Start—The Basics of Crackle; Spun: Adventures in Textiles at the Denver Art Museum; Aimee Lee and the Art of Hanji; Latitude: All Media Exhibition at Convergence® 2012 Long Beach; Display and Print Profiling and Calibration
_________ 175 Summer 2013 Right From the Start—Find Common Ground; The Color Management Process: The Print; Out of Southeast Asia: Art That Sustains: Interpreting Southeast Asian Textiles for the 21st Century; Denver Art Museum Embarks on a Surreal Sojourn with Nick Cave; A Weaverly Path—Filmmaker Kenny Dalsheimer’s compelling portrait of tapestry artist Silvia Heyden; CD Weaving: Fun for all ages; Two Summer Dyeing Projects; Waffles To Go: Project for the Rigid Heddle Loom
_________ 176 Fall 2013 Interlacing Color; Right From the Start—You know the threading of the structure you want to use, and know what you want to make—but don’t know how to combine the two…; The HGA and Dendel Scholarship Recipients for 2013; HGA’s Small Expressions 2013; The Color Management Process: The Print, Part 2; HGA’s Convergence 2014 Providence Registration Booklet (insert)
_________ 177 Winter 2013/2014 Right From the Start—Weaving Structures Without a Fixed Threading Sequence; Celebrating HGA’s 45th Anniversary with A Scarf for Everyone; Exploring Color and Weave; Reaching for the Stars: What Sources Your Inspiration?; A Back-up Plan: Camera Memory Cards
_________ 178 Spring 2014 Right From the Start—Maintaining Good Tension; HGA Award Recipients 2013; Convergence® Preview: Classes, Vendors, and Community Exhibits; Game Changers: Fiber Art Masters and Innovators at Fuller Craft Museum; Pantone® and the World of Designed Color; Celebrating HGA’s 45th Anniversary with A Scarf Designed by Kate Arnold; A Back-up Plan: The Importance of File Recovery and Travel Safety Measures
_________ 179 Summer 2014

Right From the Start—Plan your Selvedges; Flight Patterns: An Exhibition on View to Millions of People; Science Fair Fiber Explorations— My Story; Techstyle Haus: Weaving Elegance with Innovation; A Back-up Plan: External Hard Drives or the Cloud

Insert – HGA’s Convergence® 2014 Providence Gallery Guide

_________ 181 Winter 2014/2015

Right From the Start—Creating Double-wide Fabric with Double Weave; HGA’s Ebb and Flow: Yardage; How My Diversified Plain Weave Fabric Became a WOW!; HGA’s A Lively Experiment: All Media; The Camera of Choice: A Smartphone; The Spider Rock Girls: Weaving in Beauty

_________ 182 Spring 2015

HGA Award Recipients; Right From the Start—Double-wide Fabric Part II, Beyond Double Weave; Unraveling Identity: Our Textiles, Our Stories; Portuguese Fiber Traditions; Capturing a Sharper Image with your Smartphone

_________ 183 Summer 2015

HGA Award Recipients; Right From the Start—What Makes a Fabric Color-and-Weave?; Silk Dye Transfer; Pathmakers: Women in Art, Craft and Design, Midcentury and Today; HGA Student Design Challenge: Inspiration, Education, Expanded Horizons; The Institute for Tapestry Making, Atelier 61; Kids Fiber Fun Camp; Fiber Fun for Kids of All Ages