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2003 Award Winners

Jane Eisenstein—First Place
Recollecting #1
Handwoven doubleweave pickup; cotton; 6" by 5.5" by 0.25"
Elysa DeLafontaine—Second Place 
Quebec, Canada
Anemone en Feu, Degre de Combustiom Medium (aussi appele Le Degre du Petit Dragon)
Handwoven; hand-dyed feathers, hand-dyed horsehair, cotton thread, copper thread; 7" by 15" by 15"
Amanda Salm—Third Place
Coiling; horsehair, natural dyes; 9" by 3" by 3"
Ann Eckley —Honorable Mention 
Afternoon Shadows
Machine embroidery; thread, canvas; 8" by 11"
Wendy Ellsworth —People's Choice Award given by the Handweavers of Houston
“Tongatapu” Sea Form
Beaded free form gourd stitch, herringbone stitch; glass beads; 4.75" by 5" by 5"