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Volunteer for the Convergence Conference

You can be a part of HGA’s Convergence Conference Team!
Planning positions and short-term positions are available.

See the exhibits in depth: serve as assistants in the Exhibit Hall and answer visitors' questions. 
Meet the vendors: sit in a booth to give vendors a break.
Meet other members of our fiber community: take tickets and hand out programs at the special events. 

HGA’s Convergence Volunteer Guidelines includes guidelines and more information.

There are many areas where volunteers will be needed before, during and after HGA’s Convergence conference.

  • Registration greeters
  • Commercial Exhibit assistants
  • Commercial Exhibit Registration
  • Exhibits: Receiving and shipping team
  • Exhibit installation and dismantling
  • Exhibit attendants
  • During the Convergence conference
    • Equipment assistants
    • Fashion show assistants
    • Ticket takers at Convergence special events
    • Marketplace Vendor Hall - Vendor assistants, Demonstration assistants


Volunteer Now!

Thank you. 
We thank you in advance for your smiles, energy, and enthusiasm; for your gracious greetings of welcome, your friendliness, your offers to assist travelers who are sometimes overwhelmed, harried, and tired.

As an HGA Volunteer for HGA's Convergence conference, you are the person who Convergence participants see at the forefront: you represent HGA, the local host community, and the larger fiber community. You help set the tone of the conference, and you can make the difference in a person's experience at the Convergence conference.

We really appreciate your help in making HGA’s Convergence conference a pleasant experience for everyone involved and for helping to promote the fiber arts.


Connect with the Volunteer Coordinator


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