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Volunteer Guidelines

ConvWe thank you in advance for your smiles, energy, and enthusiasm — for your gracious greetings of welcome and friendliness, your offers to assist travelers who are sometimes overwhelmed, harried, and tired. 
You see, as an HGA Volunteer for the Convergence conference, you are the person who Convergence participants see at the forefront — you represent HGA, and the local fiber community. 
You help set the tone of the conference and can make the difference in a person’s experience at Convergence. We really appreciate your help in making the Convergence conference a pleasant experience for everyone involved and for helping to promote the fiber arts. 

Thank you!



  • Qualifications and Requirements: HGA Art Exhibit Attendants

    General Qualifications & Requirements: 
    The Art Exhibit Attendant should be knowledgeable about the fiber arts and fiber art techniques. The Exhibit attendant should be pleasant, friendly, and outgoing, welcoming viewers to the exhibits. Patience with individuals from varying backgrounds, friendliness, a welcoming demeanor and helpfulness are essential. 

    Knowledge of HGA and Convergence schedule of events and the basic layout of the facility are extremely important. Throughout the day the Art Exhibit Attendant may be asked questions about HGA or Convergence activities and where different activities will take place: Where is the Vendor Hall, the closest restroom, food service, etc. 

    Eligibility and Selection Process: 
    Art Exhibit Attendees will be selected in the following sequence:

    • Current HGA Membership
    • Current Host Committee Membership
    • Community Volunteer
    If selected as Art Exhibit Attendant, the attendant agrees:
    • To attend training class prior to serving as an Art Exhibit Attendant
    • Follow guidelines as outlined here for the Art Exhibit Attendant
    Position Job Description: Convergence Art Exhibit Attendants 
    Art Exhibit attendants are a vital part of HGAs Convergence experience as they may present the first impression of the organization. The Art Exhibit Attendant is on the front line of Convergence greeting guests as they walk through the Art Exhibit door with a welcoming smile, good humor, and energy. Ideally the Art Exhibit Attendant has knowledge of the fiber arts and can confidently answer questions about techniques. In addition the Art Exhibit Attendant should be able to accurately answer questions about the Convergence schedule or locations of interest, such as the Vendor Hall, closest bathrooms, etc. There will be a laminated information sheet available to Art Exhibit attendants. 

    Purpose of Positions: 
    An Art Exhibit Attendants purpose is to augment the Art Exhibit experience for the exhibit visitors. Ideally the Art Exhibit Attendant has knowledge of the fiber arts and can confidently answer questions about techniques. The Art Exhibit Attendant aids in the security and protection of the artists and their art work, preventing people from handling the works, from potential stains, from photography and/or misuse. 

    Lines of Communication: The HGA Exhibits Manager, the Convergence HGA Exhibits Coordinator, the Convergence Facilities Coordinator, and the Convergence Volunteer Coordinator, as well as the HGA Staff, will be on site throughout the conference for direction. 

    Training Times: 
    The Art Exhibit Attendant Training Session will be held in the in a location convenient to the Convergence conference center TBA. Room assignment and time: to be announced 

    Commitment Required: approximately 4.5 hours 
    Art Exhibit Attendant Training Session (approximately 30 minutes), 30 minutes prior to check in at Volunteer Check-In Desk, 15 minutes after shift to update next Art Exhibit Attendant, and check-out at Volunteer Check-In Desk, Times TBA: Shifts to be announced 
    To receive credit for your work, you must sign in and sign out with the Volunteer Check-In Desk. 

    • Meet people from all over the world who have an interest in fiber art and techniques
    • Share your passion for fiber with others
    To receive credit for your volunteer work, each Art Exhibit Attendant must check in with the Convergence Volunteer office by signing in and signing out daily. 
    In exchange for this service, the Art Exhibit Attendant will receive: 
    • Convergence Logo pin
    • For each 4-hour shift, the Convergence Art Exhibit Attendant will receive a complimentary day pass which entitles the Art Exhibit Attendant access to the Art Exhibits and the Vendor Hall for that day.
    Duties and Responsibilities for Art Exhibit Attendants: 
    • Attend a training session for Art Exhibit Attendant Volunteers prior to the beginning of the Art Exhibit Attendant Shift
    • Sign in at the Volunteer Check-In Desk upon arrival to check in for your assignment.
    • Complete a 4-hour shift
    • Before taking your position in the Exhibit Hall, check for the closest emergency exits, bathrooms and house phones in or near the Art Exhibit Hall
    • Know phone number/s for the facility and be prepared to contact emergency number, if necessary
    • Check that everyone who would like admission to the Art Exhibit Hall has either a name badge or the correct form of identification for the days admission.
    • Watch over works in the Convergence Exhibits to make sure no one touches, moves, pilfers, photographs. or damages any art work
    • Become familiar with the exhibit and gallery brochures, the Convergence program, floor-plan of the facility, Art Exhibit Hall, Vendor Hall, stage and restroom locations in order to answer questions as they arise.
    • Knowledge of HGA Policies for Art Exhibit Hall
    Policies to Know:
    • No Food or Drink is allowed in the Convergence Art Exhibit Hall
    • Children 18 and under are free when accompanied by an adult
    • The identification day pass color changes every day. Thursdays color is not an admission for Friday, etc. Art Exhibit attendees must have the correct color day admission/ identification to gain access to the Convergence Art Exhibit Hall.
    • All volunteers are expected to wear casual business attire (i.e. dress slacks, sweaters, etc.) and comfortable shoes. Food is not allowed in the Art Exhibit Area. At Exhibit Volunteers may have a screw-top bottle of water available.
    • The Convention Center is a non-smoking facility. All who wish to smoke must exit the building to proper location.




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