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Monday August 1, 2016



9:00 a.m.–4:00 p.m. 


3W-M003 Echo & Iris Meets WeavePoint


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Jannie Taylor

Learn how to use WeavePoint to create your own weaving drafts based on the design concepts found in Marian Stubenitsky’s amazing book, Weaving with Echo & Iris. Construct your own versions of echo threading, network designs, “turned” drafts, designs with multi-structure liftplans and much more. The workshop will also cover how to use and adjust color, yarn choices and setts, and general weaving recommendation

A laptop (that can run a Windows based program, i.e. WeavePoint7) will be required Materials Fee: $35. Level: Intermediate.


3W-M004 Mashru Scarf: Ikat in Indian Style with Natural Dye


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Wendy Weiss

Wind, bind, dye, and weave a cotton Ikat scarf inspired by the dazzling Mashru fabrics of India. Students will experience the magic of Ikat weaving on loom in this intense workshop where they will bind the warp with a resist design and dye it with natural dye on the first two days and weave a scarf on the third.

A 4–8 shaft loom with reed sizes of 8, 10, 12 or 15 and a warping board will be required. Materials Fee: $35. Level: Intermediate.


3W-M005 One Warp, Three Fabrics: Weaving with 60/2  (Silk Due to the hand dyed warp that is provided for each student, no registrations will be accepted after Friday July 8.)

Kovnat 60_2 Silk 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Denise Kovnat

Take the fear out of weaving with fine silk, using a few tricks of the trade to achieve excellent results. Students will come away with samples of three distinctly different and useful fabrics: one suitable for scarves with a delicate hand and wonderful drape, one resembling rag rugs perfect for jackets and coats, and one collapse-weave fabric with lots of texture and personality.

A pre-warped 8 shaft portable floor or table loom, with a reed size of 12+ will be required. Materials Fee: $60. Level: Intermediate.

 Due to the hand dyed warp that is provided for each student, no registrations will be accepted after Friday July 8.

3W-M006 Tablet Band Incorporated into Fabric  (Registration will close on July 16, 2016)


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Inge Dam

Students will discover how to weave a tablet band within a fabric and make a table runner or piece of fabric for a small bag. Learn the threaded-in tablet weaving technique and how to arrange the tablet warp within the fabric warp that has been pre-wound on the loom, in order to weave the tablet warp and fabric warp together using only one shuttle.

A 4 shaft loom with a reed size of 8 or 10 will be required.

Materials Fee: $2. Level: Beginner.  


3W-M007 Weaving Expressions in Faces


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Ruth Manning

In this class you will create a tapestry-woven portrait using new techniques for weaving faces, giving them expressions that may even remind you of someone you know. We will take an in-depth look at a few strategies to help you create expression such as choice of weft, use of slits, and shape making. By using a variety of novelty yarns and fibers, we will give your weaving personality.

A frame loom with adjustable tension suitable for upright tapestry weaving will be required.

Materials Fee: $25. Level: Beginner.


3W-M008 Wedge Weave Fundamentals


Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday

Connie Lippert

In contrast to most weaves which are woven in a plane horizontal to the loom, wedge weave is woven on the diagonal. This results in a weft-faced weaving with many distinctive characteristics and exciting design potential. Work on your own pre-warped loom to explore wedge weave through hands-on experience as well as with detailed handouts and images.

A floor, table or frame loom with 2 shafts and threaded at 6 EPI will be required.

Materials Fee: $5. Level: Beginner.