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HGA offers links to members who produce a product line or one-of-a kind work, or who teach weaving, spinning, basketmaking, or other fiber techniques.

Local guilds: If your guild seeks a workshop leader or seminar presenter, browse this list for suggestions. Whether your guild focuses on a single technique of handweaving, handspinning, or basketry, or embraces many fiber techniques, you may find teachers in your area to bring you a new perspective.

This list is provided as a benefit to the fiber community and is not an endorsement by HGA.


Terri Bibby, British Columbia, Canada
Saori freestyle weaving workshops, classes and retreats on Salt Spring Island, BC with B&B option.
  Holly Brackmann, California
Weaving professor; interested in 3-dimensional forms from flat woven cloth. Leader: Convergence 2002 Vancouver; Convergence 2008 Tampa Bay.
Elaine Bradley, Georgia
Weaver, dyer, basket maker. Classes and workshops in these and other fiber techniques. 
Leader: Convergence 2006 Grand Rapids, Convergence 2008 Tampa Bay.
  Mary J. Burks, Washington
Mary is a fulltime studio artist who offers workshops in dyeing, surface design, and weaving. She teaches and exhibits internationally. Leader: Convergence 2006 Grand Rapids.
  Inge Dam, Ontario, Canada
Master Weaver from the Ontario Handweavers and Spinners; classes in tablet weaving for beginners to advanced, how to combine tablet weaving and loom weaving, and embellishments. Leader: Convergence 2002 Vancouver.
Virginia Davis, California
Workshops in ikat: warp & weft, picture weft (e-gasuri); stitch and tie resist techniques; backstrap weaving

Judy Dominic, Ohio
Basketmaker, weaver, spinner, felter, dyer; classes in basketmaking, Bogolan fini (mud cloth); coordinator of MBF (Midwest Basketry Focus) conference. Leader: Convergence 2002 Vancouver; Convergence 2008 Tampa Bay.





Karen Donde, North Carolina
Beginning weaving; plus project planning/drafting; twills; lace weaves; overshot basics; warp rep design; color and weave; turned beiderwand. Leader: Convergence® 2012
Wendy Durfey, Ontario, Canada
Contemporary basket weaving; exploring the technique of double wall baskets with the use of silk fusion, archival paper, metal and bamboo.
  Kay Faulkner, Australia
Professional handweaver; classes in a range of topics including Loom Controlled Shibori, Uniquely Handwoven and Doubleweave. Leader: Convergence 2002 Vancouver.

Doris Florig, Wyoming and the Tropics 
Nomadic contemporary weaver offers instruction/demos across country. On/Off loom weaving, dyeing, spinning, creative fiberarts. Caters to individual needs.


Geri Forkner, Tennessee 
Weaving Arts Studio, TN, offers classes in fiber arts designed to immerse you in a world of creativity.

  Barbara Gallagher, Indiana
Weaver; yarn and equipment shop; classes in weaving, spinning, knitting.
Joan Griffin, Virginia
Tapestry weaver and instructor. Teaches weekend tapestry classes in her studio.
  Joanne Hall, Montana
Author of Mexican Tapestry Weaving; instructor in tapestry, Swedish weaves, rug weaving, beginning weaving; Montana Studio for classes, looms and supplies.

Eileen Hallman

Eileen Hallman, North Carolina
Cotton!  Learn to spin it on a charkha, weave shaped and collapse fabrics with your fine handspun singles, and dye it with natural dyes.
Linda Hartshorn, California
Weaver, dyer, textile artist. Classes, workshops in natural dyeing, painted warp, woven shibori, various weave structures. Teacher at The Ink People Center for the Arts, Eureka
  Nancy Harvey, California
Tapestry weaver, instructor, videographer
  Linda Hendrickson, Oregon
Workshops in ply-split braiding and tablet weaving. Leader: past Convergences, MAFA, Midwest Weavers Conference.
Nancy Arthur Hoskins, Oregon
Teacher, Author, Artist -- Lectures and Workshops on Ancient Egyptian Textiles, Boundweave, Taquet, Samitum, Magic Threading, Color, and Linen. Leader: Convergence 2004
  Bonnie Inouye, Maryland and Colorado
Weaver; workshops/programs for guilds and conferences in multishaft design, large-scale twills, network drafting, tied weaves, flowing lines, dyed warps. Leader: past Convergences, Complex Weavers Seminars
  Bobbie Irwin, Colorado 
Weaver, spinner; classes in a wide variety of topics including Twined Rag Rugs, Transparencies, Overshot, Wrinkle-Resistant Handwovens, Unusual 4-Shaft Weaves, Puckered Fabrics, and Yarn Design. Leader: Convergence 2002 Vancouver; Convergence 2008 Tampa Bay.
  Susan Iverson, Virginia
Tapestry weaver. Classes in a variety of textile courses including Tapestry and Ancient Peruvian Textile Techniques. Leader: Convergence 2002 Vancouver; Convergence 2008 Tampa Bay.
Carol James, Winnipeg, Manitoba
Instructor in Fingerweaving, an ancient method where all threads are warp, and each one takes a turn at weft.
Sarah H. Jackson, California
BFA, Textile Design. Technical Editor and frequent contributor, Handwovenmagazine, specializing in garments. HGA Award for Weaving, Convergence® 2012. Available for lectures and workshops.
Deborah Jarchow, California
Full time studio weaver and artist. Offers classes in beginning to intermediate weaving and fiber techniques. Leader : Convergence 2008 Tampa Bay.
Gay Jensen, Washington
Award-winning Seattle artist Gay Jensen weaves, dyes, paints, stitches, collages and embellishes fabrics.
Donna Kallner, Wisconsin
Basketmaker and instructor. Workshops in contemporary coiling with natural materials and dimensional needle lace. Northwoods Basket Retreat organizer. Leader: Convergence 2004, Denver.
Lin Bentley Keeling , Texas
Vibrant Vessels Workshops. Three dimensional 'tapestries' using coiled basketry techniques.
Leslie Killeen, North Carolina
Weaver, workshops/programs - guilds/conferences - designing/weaving complex cloth on eight shafts. Leader: Convergence 2004, Denver and Grand Rapids 2006.
  Betty Burian Kirk, Illinois
Artist and Teacher specializing in classes/workshops in Spinning, Weaving, Felting, Kumihimo, Tassel Making. Leader: Convergence 2000 Cincinnati, Midwest Weavers Conference 1995, 1999, 2001, Florida Tropical Weavers Guild Conference.
  Brecia Kralovic-Logan, California
Creative Silk Textiles: Weaving off loom on a water soluble base and Dye, Cut Knit: with hand dyed silk fabric. Leader: Convergence® 2012
  Daryl Lancaster, New Jersey
Fiber artist known for her handwoven, pieced garments, has been sewing for more than 30 years; Contributing Features Editor, Handwoven Magazine; leader at past Convergences.

Connie Lippert, South Carolina
Weaver specializing in Navajo wedge weave, rug weaving, working with natural dyes, and sharing the excitement of weaving with children. Leader at Convergence 2004 Denver.


  Sarah McCarthy, Florida
Studio weaver and owner of "Sarah's Design," creating one-of-a-kind handwoven designs. Teaches beginning and intermediate on-loom classes.
Susan McGehee , California
Studio artist weaves solely with wire and metal, using traditional weaving techniques. Available for lectures and workshops.
Jennifer Moore, New Mexico
MFA in Fiber Arts.Workshops/programs in doubleweave and geometric design. Leader at Convergences and regional conferences. Author of The Weaver's Studio: Doubleweave.

Dena Gartenstein Moses, Vermont
Manages Vermont Weaving School and teaches all levels including; beginning, chenille scarves, rag rugs, color, weaving fast, and others.
Rosalie Neilson, Oregon
Workshops: Warp-faced Rep, Kumihimo, Block Design. Commission weaver for interior designers and architects. Leader: Convergence 1996 Portland, Convergence 1998 Atlanta, Convergence 2004 Denver.
Judy Ness, Oregon
Tapestry weaver with special interest in Norwegian and Navajo weaving. Fiber arts instructor since 1995 in weaving, dyeing and spinning.
Sheila O'Hara, California
Weaver of innovative and often humorous tapestries including the "Flockettes", instructor of workshops/programs for guilds and conferences in multiple warp twills and plaiting, classes in beginning to advanced weaving at her home studio; BFA in Textiles. Leader: past Convergences, Complex Weavers Conferences and SFSU.
  Peggy Osterkamp, California
  Sigrid Piroch, Pennsylvania
Classes/workshops in weaving & spinning & computer textile design from "the basics" through complex. Convergences and conference leader.
Joh Ricci, Pennsylvania
Contemporary Basketry & Sculptural Fiber Artist.
  Michael Rohde, California
Weaver of wall rugs
  Marilyn Romatka, Washington
Folk Art instructor specializing in fiber arts from all over the world. Passion for ethnic textiles and passing on traditional skills. Instructor at Northwest Conferences. Leader: Convergence® 2012
Tommye McClure Scanlin, Georgia
I weave and exhibit and also teach tapestry, both in workshops and at my studio.
Barbara Shapiro, California
Weaver, surface design artist, basket maker whose work speaks of historic textiles of many cultures. Inspiration, shibori and indigo classes. Leader: Convergence 2002, 2012.
  Sally Shore, New York
Weaving with ribbon for walls and fashion accessories; classes in weaving with ribbon and pleated ribbon wearables. Leader: Convergence 2002 Vancouver; Convergence 2008 Tampa Bay.
Robyn Spady, Washington
Certificate of Excellence with specialized study "Loom-controlled Stitched Double Cloth." Robyn is inspired by the many ways to weave double-faced fabrics as a way to create versatile fabrics. In addition to double-faced fabrics, she also explores uncommon weave structures and narrow warp weaves. Leader: Convergence 2008 Tampa Bay.
Rebecca L. Smith, California
Author of "Weaving with Knitting Yarn" and "Weaving with Yarn and Beads...Together!". Workshops on tapestry weaving, bead weaving, eccentric weft, and fiber jewelry.
Pat Spark, Oregon
Feltmaker, author, editor of the North American Felters' Network. Leader at Convergences.
Terri Stewart, Florida
Beginning to intermediate tapestry weaving; design classes. Private lessons, local groups, national workshops.
Janice Sullivan, California
Weaving professor, fiber artist, known for decorative metallic, pleated wall pieces, classes and workshops specifically in loom controlled 3-D fabrics, pleating on loom, dyed and printed warps, and collapse fabrics.
Jannie Taylor, California
Workshops and programs: shadow weave; layered fabric; various other weave structures; software for multi-shaft design. Leader: Convergences 2008 and 2010.
Cameron Taylor-Brown, California
Artist specializing in weaving/mixed media; classes in color, design, creativity and the collaborative process. Leader: Convergence 2002 Vancouver, Convergence 2006 Grand Rapids.
  Kathe Todd-Hooker, Oregon 
Private lessons, workshops all levels of tapestry technique. Author of Shaped Tapestry, Lines in tapestry, and Tapestry 101.
Dianne Totten, Georgia
Weaver and instructor, specializing in creating crimp cloth for wearables a variation of the handwoven shibori technique. Offers workshops/programs for guilds and conferences. Leader: Convergence® 2012
Carol Ventura, Tennessee
Tapestry crochet, backstrap weaving, Central American textile traditions.
Betty Vera, New York
Weaver, surface design, sculpture, mixed media; Workshops in warp painting, color interactions and weave structure, color and design. Leader: Convergence, NEWS, MAFA and IWC.
  Vibeke Vestby, Norway
Weaver; equipment designer. Leader: Convergence 2002 Vancouver.
  Sara von Tresckow, Wisconsin
Weaver, spinner, flax grower.
  Merry Warner, Arizona
Surface design workshops, bleach resist techniques, beading techniques, wire wrapping, polymer clay techniques.
  Lillian Whipple, California
Weaver of fine silk thread; COE-W specializing in Fine Silk Thread; classes in various techniques including Taquete and Huck Lace. Leader: Convergence 2002 Vancouver.
  Susan Wilson, Colorado
Weaving workshops/programs in crackle, treadling variations, color-and-weave, lace, towels, polychrome, drafting and design. COE-W specialty in crackle weave. Leader: several Convergences, regional conferences.
Patsy Sue Zawistoski, Illinois
COE Handspinning, Innovative International Teacher, Lecturer: USA, Canada, New Zealand; Convergence® Leader; SOAR; Campbell Folk School
Pamela Zimmerman, North Carolina
Contemporary Basket weaving, using horsehair and other fibers.

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