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Mearl K. Gable II Memorial Grant

The Mearl K. Gable II Memorial Grant Fund was established in 2000 to honor this fine supporter of the Weavers Guild of the North Shore, Inc.(WGNS), and the fiber community in general. The Mearl K. Gable II Memorial Grant Fund provides funds, in amounts over $100 per individual, for study in non-accredited programs for any skill level.

The following regulations apply:

1. Recipients must be HGA members.
2. Recipients are not eligible to apply for another Mearl K. Gable II Grant for four years.
3. Unsuccessful proposals may be resubmitted.
4. If the event for which the grant money was received is cancelled, the recipient must return the money to HGA.


The grant is not to be used for study or application for the Certificate of Excellence program or any other certificate program.
6. The request must be for an amount over $100.
7. The recipient must make a report to the WGNS either in person if possible or by video, slides, notebook and samples, etc. within six months of completing the studies.
8. The grant may be used for research and studies connected with the fiber arts.
9. Applications must be mailed to the Grant Administrator, c/o the HGA office.
10. Applications must be postmarked by March 1 for notification April 15. (A change in the application deadline was made so that applicants, if they choose, could have the opportunity to use the grant for Convergence.)
11. Please note: If for any reason you are unable to attend the workshop/class/conference or pre-conference workshop or you are unable to fulfill any of the grant's requirements, the funds must be returned to the Handweavers Guild of America, Inc.

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