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First Timers

HGA’s Convergence conference “First Timers”

If you are attending HGA’s Convergence for the first time, the wealth of information can be daunting.

If the Convergence conference is a new experience for you, plan to come and enjoy the fun. Even with the enormous resources available in books, videos, and online, Convergence gives you the chance to meet people face to face and to touch real cloth, not just exchange texts or look at images. After your first Convergence experience, you will know how to shop ’til you drop, see every exhibit, remember everyone you meet, cope with creative over-stimulation, and return home inspired and rejuvenated!

Here are some hints.

  • The Convergence Frequently Asked Questions is an overview of the entire process. Many of your questions will be answered here.

  • The article Right From The Start • Planning Time at Convergence. appeared in the Spring 2004 issue of Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot (Volume XXXV No. 2 Issue 138). Although originally printed in conjunction with Convergence 2004 Denver, this article presents ideas that you can use for preparing for HGA’s Convergence or any conference.

  • The article Right From The Start • Getting to Convergence. from the Fall 2009 issue of Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot (Issue 160) offers ideas for budgeting your money and your time that you can use for preparing for HGA’s Convergence or any conference.

  • Read the notes on the Delegate Registration Form, or click on all the menu topics on the Convergence area of this website.

  • Mark up your Delegate Registration Booklet with a highlighter or pen as you read through it. As you review, check the classes, tours, and events that appeal to you. Use a calendar to help you plan your schedule. Make notes on the Registration form before going to Online Registration.

  • Consider taking a tour to see some of the local area. This is a good way to see some other areas if you do not have local transportation. Tours are custom designed for HGA’s Convergence® conference, and often allow participants to view behind-the-scenes areas not available to the public. The people you meet on the bus will be your first Convergence new friends.

  • Plan time to view the art exhibits.

  • Remember to schedule time for shopping!

If you have specific questions about attending HGA’s Convergence conference for the first time, send an email to with “First Timer” in the subject line.