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Convergence® Internships

Convergence® Internships

Interns CO16

 HGA's Convergence® Internship Program provides qualified assistants for Convergence® Conference Leaders, while giving students enrolled in Fiber Arts progams the chance to assist internationally known instructors and to pariticipate in the Convergence® experience.


Convergence® 2016 Interns: Madison Sessions, Elizabeth Gehring,
Rachel Snack, Colin Ledbetter, Jordan Wilshaw, Abraham Buddish
Laura Kiskaddon, Irene Smith, and Erin Miller. Not pictured: Nicole Benner.

The Convergence® Internship is funded by HGA's Fiber Trust giving program.

Student Qualifications:

  • Currently enrolled in an accredited academic program
  • Ability to fulfill the requirements of a class (workshop, studio, seminars) assistant
  • Attendence at a Training Class time, TBA, at the Convergence® conference location
Deadline April 2018

Application Procedures:

Students Provides:
A printed-out and completed Convergence® application form when it is available ( Fall of 2017). Do not include payment.

Attach on a separate piece of paper:
  • A brief paragraph as to why this assistantship would be helpful to you.
  • A paragraph as to why you would be a capable assistant for this instructor. (include experience, skills, techniques, areas of expertise, etc.)
  • Estimate of financial needs:                   
               Mileage Needs:   Yes_____No____
               Approximately how many miles from your home to Reno, NV__________
               Air Travel Needs? Yes______ No______
               Estimate Cost:____________________
               Hotel Accommodations Needed? Yes_____No_____
  •         Include answers to the following questions:
               If your first choice instructor is not available, are you willing to assist another Convergence® Leader? Yes____No___
               Accommodations are based on double occupancy. Are you willing to share a hotel room (room mate will be same sex)?
               If you receive an internship are you willing to become a HGA student member at a cost to you of $25? Yes____ No___
Professor provides

A letter of Nomination from the Professor for each student nominated to be a Convergence® Intern.
Include the name of the Convergence®  Leader the student wishes to assist and the title of the class.
List skills, interests, knowledge of specific techniques, and reasons for the recommendation.