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Convergence® Assistantship Grant

HGA’s Convergence® Conference

Student Assistantship Grant Program Procedures

HGA’s Student Assistantship Program provides capable assistants for Convergence® conference Leaders and Teachers, while also giving students enrolled in Fiber Arts programs the chance to assist internationally known instructors and to participate in the Convergence® experience.

The Convergence® Student Assistantship Grant is funded by HGA’s Fiber Trust giving program.

Student Qualifications:

    • Currently enrolled in an accredited academic program
    • Ability to fulfill the requirements of a class (workshop, studio, super seminar, seminar class) assistant
    • Attendance at a Training Class, time TBA, at the Convergence® conference location. 

Postmark deadline: April 1, 2016.


Application Procedures:

Student Provides:

A printed-out and completed Convergence® 2016 application form (Do not include payment).

Registration book with Registration Form adobe logo

Attach a separate piece of paper:

      • A brief paragraph as to why this assistantship would be helpful to you.
      • A brief paragraph as to why you would be a capable assistant for this instructor. (Include experience, skills, techniques, areas of expertise, etc.)
      • Estimate of financial needs:
          • Mileage Needs: Yes_____No_____
          • Approximately how many miles from your home to MIlwaukee, WI?               
          • Air Travel Needs? Yes_____No_____
          • Estimate Cost:                                     
          • Hotel Accommodations Needed? Yes_____No_____
      • Include answers to the following questions:
          • If your first choice instructor is not available, are you willing to assist another Convergence® Leader?
          • Accommodations are based on double occupancy. Are you willing to share a hotel room with another student of the same sex?
          • If you receive an assistantship are you willing to become an HGA Student Member at a cost to you of $25?

Professor provides:

A Letter of Nomination from the Professor for each student nominated to be a Convergence® Assistant.

  • Include the name of the instructor the student wishes to assist and the title of the class.
  • List skills, interests, and reasons for the recommendation. For example:
    • Why the student would be a good assistant (dependable, has excellent skills, etc.)
    • Knowledge of a specific technique/subject, etc.  

HGA depends on available funding to make the Student Convergence® Assistantship Grants possible. Occasionally, additional funding becomes available closer (3-4 weeks prior) to the conference. If your summer schedule is flexible, please let us know in your application.

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Mail the completed application to:

HGA Convergence® Student Assistant
1255 Buford Highway, Suite 211
Suwanee, GA 30024

 Postmark deadline: April 1, 2016.





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