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 Introducing the Convergence® 2018 Leaders 

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Anderson Headshot circle
Roseanne Anderson enjoys the prep work of her sheep's wool and is excited to see a year's dirty growth turn into beautiful fluff - ready  to be dyed, spun, and made into exciting products. She attends fiber conferences to keep current, to learn more, and especially to enjoy the ambiance of other artists! 

Beautiful Joinings for Pin Loom Squares - 3 Hour Seminar
Fabulous and Fun Locker Hooking - 3 Hour Seminar
Azure Headshot circle
Anastasia Azure combines ancient weaving, traditional metalsmithing and contemporary materials to create sculpture and jewelry.  She received her MFA in Textiles from Rhode Island School of Design and BFA in Metals from California College of the Arts. She has been an artist-in-residence at the Appalachian Center for Craft and UMass Dartmouth.

Creative Explorations in Jewelry Weaving - 3 Day Workshop
Woven Metal Pin/Pendant - 3 Hour Seminar 


Traditional Weaving in Hill Tribe Laos - 90 Minute Seminar 

Yeah! My Entry was Accepted - 90 Minute Seminar
One Shuttle + Hand Painted Warps = Tons of Blocks - 3 Hour Seminar
Potpourri of Wet Felting Techniques - 1 Day Workshop
Sewing with Handwovens - 1 Day Workshop

Calnan Headshot circle

Explore Shadow Weave - 2 Day Workshop

Dukagång, Krabbasnår, Halvkrabba - Oh My: Exploring
   Scandinavian Art Weaving - 90 Minute Seminar
Chiu Headshot Oval

Learn to Look: Principles of Effective (and Enjoyable!) Critique - 90 Minute Seminar
Clemes Headshot

Exploring the Drum Carder - 1 Day Workshop


Coifman Headshot circle

Classic and Nontraditional Rep Weaves - 3 Day Workshop
Rep Weave - Books, Bags, Boxes and Beyond - 3 Hour Seminar


Block Weaves and Shaft Switching in Rugs - 3 Day Workshop
Collins Headshot circle

Constance Collins
How Do You Know When the Price is Right? - 90 Minute Seminar 


Corsini Headshot Circle

Exploring the Eccentric Wedge Weave - 3 Day Workshop



Beginning Weft Faced Rugs - 3 Day Workshop
Rosepath Rag Rugs - 2 Day Workshop 


Borders and Selvages Inspired by Ancient Techniques - 90 Minute Seminar
Tablet Weaving for Beginners - 1 Day Workshop
Dunning Headshot Circle

Introduction to Hand Spindles - 3 Hour Seminar
L'Amour de Maman - Acadian Weaving - 90 Minute Seminar
Tartan Weaving - 3 Day Workshop
L'Armour de Maman - Acadian Weaving - 2 Day Workshop
The Colorful History of Tartan - 90 Minute Seminar


Masters of Overshot - 3 Day Workshop

Loom and Spinning Wheel Maintenance - 3 Hour Seminar



Elkind Circle

Collage to Tapestry Cartoon - 2 Day Workshop
Plan Your Tapestry Diary - 3 Hour Seminar

Weaving with Supplemental Warps - 2 Day Workshop

Sarah Fortin
3-D Double Weave - 3 Day Workshop

Kumihimo Beluga Bangles - 1 Day Workshop
Kumihimo on the Edge - 1 Day Workshop

My Card: Handspinner - 1 Day Workshop
Woolen...Worsted - 1 Day Workshop
Chenille, the Woven Yarn - 3 Hour Seminar
Cloud Preparation - 3 Hour Seminar

Netting Basics - 1 Day Workshop

Hall Headshot

Joanne Hall
Band Weaving, Backstrap with a Rigid Heddle - 1 Day Workshop
Swedish Art Weaves - 2 Day Workshop
Tapestry Weaving for Beginners - 1 Day Workshop
Hartshorn Headshot circle

Inspiration and Ideas for Ikat Design - 1 Day Workshop
Intro to Inkle Weaving - 3 Hour Seminar
Silk Painting and Stamping with Natural Dye Extracts - 3 Hour Seminar
Woven Shibori with Natural Dyes - 3 Day Workshop

It's in the Bag! A Felted Purse Workshop - 1 Day Workshop
Not your Nana's Nuno Art Journal Workshop - 1 Day Workshop


Holbrook Headshot Circle

Spinning Cotton on a Spinning Wheel - 1 Day Workshop


Huntoon Headshot Circle

Never Ending Possibilities of an Extra-Ordinary Braid: The Many Faces
    of the Kongoh Gumi - 2 Day Workshop



Jageler Headshot Circle

Beginning Rag Rug Weaving and Tips - 3 Hour Seminar



James Headshot Circle

Intro to Sprang - 1 Day Workshop
Advanced Sprang: Lace - 1 Day Workshop


Jarchow Headshot Circle

Double Heddles on the Rigid Heddle Loom - 2 Day Workshop
Rigid Heddle Demonstration - 90 Minute Seminar
Rigid Heddle Immersion - 3 Day Workshop


Kennard Headshot Circle

Teresa Kennard
The Use of High-twisted Yarns for Sculptural Fabrics - 3 Hour Seminar


Deflected Double Weave as a Collapse Weave - 1 Day Workshop
One Warp, Many Structures: An Exploration of
   Extended Parallel Threading - 3 Day Workshop

Lamb Headshot circle

Contemporary Knotted Pile - 2 Day Workshop


Lancaster Headshot Circle

Custom Fit and Fabulous - 2 Day Workshop
Fitting Essentials - 90 Minute Seminar
Inkle Loom Weaving - 1 Day Workshop
Inkle Weaving Intermediate Techniques:
   Three Shaft Turned Krokbragd - 3 Hour Seminar


Larson Headshot Circle

A Fine Thread: Spinning for Lace - 3 Hour Seminar
Counting Sheep: Spinning for Breed-Specific Yarn and Cloth - 2 Day Workshop
Dorset Buttons: A Needlework Tradition - 3 Hour Seminar
Gradient Yarns: A Spinner's Study in Shifting Shades - 1 Day Workshop


Lemieux Berube Headshot circle

Weaving 3D: A Tube in a Tube in a Tube - 2 Day Workshop
Luetger Headshot circle

Lela Luetger
Felted Landscape - 1 Day Workshop


Marshall Headshot circle

Singing the Blues- 3 Day Workshop
The Splendor of Precious Laminates in Japanese Weaves - 90 Minute Seminar


Martin Headshot Circle

 It Takes Five to Weave – A Beginners Primer - 3 Hour Seminar


Miller Headshot Circle

Start Silk Painting - 1 Day Workshop


Mullarkey Headshot Circle

Tablet Weaving Basics and Beyond - 3 Day Workshop


Neilson  Headshot Circle

"Ripped" About Rep - 90 minute Seminar
8-Shaft Rep Runners: A Study in 4-Block Design using Linked Block and Solid Stripes - 3 Day Workshop
Kumihimo: From Defense to Decoration - 90 Minute Seminar
The Power of Block Design - 3 Hour Seminar

Peck Headshot Circle

Nancy Peck
Rigid Heddle Loom Control Weaves for Texture - 2 Day Workshop


Petrini Headshot Circle

A Pictionary of Weaving Structures - 3 Hour Seminar
A Weaving Year of Wonder (4 Shafts) - 1 Day Workshop
There is Nothing Plain about Plain Weave - 3 Hour Seminar
Your Fabric is Not Always a Painting - 90 Minute Seminar
Pickett Headshot Circle

Barbara Setsu Pickett
Weave Velvet - 3 Day Workshop


Roadman Headshot Circle

Harriette Markos Roadman
Planning a Weaving Project - 3 Hour Seminar
The Basics of Drafts and Drawdowns - 90 Minute Seminar
The Never Ending Warp - 90 Minute Seminar


Romatka Headshot Circle

Bow Loom Weaving - 1 Day Workshop 
Ribbon Magic: Chinese Dragon Boats - 3 Hour Seminar
Viking Knit: Trichinopoly on a Dowel - 1 Day Workshop


Saulson Headshot Circle

Designing for Creative Weaving - 1 Day Workshop
Jewish Prayer Shawls: Everything You Need to Know to Honor, Use and Make Them - 3 Hour Seminar
The Joy of Color - 2 Day Workshop


Schneider Headshot Circle

Message in a Pattern - 90 Minute Seminar
Schu Headshot Circle

Traveling Bead Show - 90 Minute Seminar
Simpson Headshot Circle

Janney Simpson
Connections, Layers, and Pockets - 2 Day Workshop


Sloane Headshot Circle

Knitting Wired - 2 Day Workshop


Spady Headshot Circle

Extreme Warp Makeover - 2 Day Workshop
Gizmos and Gadgets for Better Weaving - 90 Minute Seminar
Introduction to Network Drafting - 3 Hour Seminar
Parallel Threadings are the Weaver's Playground - 2 Day Workshop
Wicked Good Weaving - 90 Minute Seminar
Weaving Innovations from the Bateman Collection - 90 Minute Seminar


Stam Headshot Circle

Mickey Stam
Open Your Weaving to New Possibilities - 3 Hour Seminar
Weaving Your Passion - 3 Hour


Stump Headshot Circle

Introduction to Pin Loom Weaving - 3 Hour Seminar
Weave A Pin Loom Spirit Horse - 1 Day Workshop

Taylor Headshot Circle

Echo & Iris Meets WeavePoint - 3 Day Workshop
Essential Kumihimo - 1 Day Workshop
The History and Mystery of Shadow Weave - 90 Minute Seminar
Understanding Lace Weaves - 90 Minute Seminar


Totten Headshot Circle

Crimp Cloth Primer: Warp Crimp - 3 Hour Seminar
Drafting Basics - 3 Hour Seminar
Drafting, Key to Design - 1 Day Workshop


Viada Headshot Circle

The Art of Transparency - 3 Day Workshop


Weir Headshot Circle

Dottie Weir
Loom Controlled Woven Shibori - 3 Day Workshop


Weiss Headshot Circle

Marcia Weiss
Double Weave Drafting - 3 Hour Seminar
Double Weave Workshop - 2 Day Workshop



Zugish Headshot circle

Copper Wire Sculpting - 1 Day Workshop
From Garden to Gallery - 90 Minute Seminar