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Certificate of Excellence

Certificates of Excellence

 HGA offers the Certificate of Excellence to its membership in Handweaving, Spinning, Dyeing, and Basketmaking.  This self directed study program may lead to an award of  Level I which is focused on technical skills, design principles and knowledge of materials and equipment all of which are demonstrated in the 40 samples that are required for examination.  Members may later attempt Level II, a Master level with more indepth study in a specialized area. This program is not a competition but an opportunity for fiber artists to learn and evaluate their skills.   This process will encourage members to research and explore their chosen fiber arts. Guilds, study groups and teachers can also benefit by using the guidelines as an educational program for study.  The COE designation assists institutions and individuals to identify and locate technically qualified handweavers, handspinners, dyers, and basketmakers.

Any individual or group at any experience and skill level can obtain a COE handbook to use as a means to increase their knowledge and skill levels without being required to submit for the COE examination.   

Introduction to the COE program


The Handweavers Guild of America, Inc (HGA) offers its members a self-directed program leading to certificates of excellence in handweaving on two levels: Level I: Technical Skills in Handweaving and Level II: Master in Handweaving with Specialized Study. Level I must be achieved before the work for Level II will be evaluated.  Work submitted for Level I maybe not be submitted for Level II.

A mentor is provided to aid all applicants. The certification program is not a competition. Mere completion of all requirements does not constitute excellence.  Each applicant's materials are evaluated according to accepted standards of superior handweaving, spinning, dyeing or basketmaking.  This program is conducted under the supervision of a committee appointed by the Board of Directors of HGA.

The handbook sets forth the requirements for the certification program. The applicant is advised to check the "Update" section of each issue of Shuttle Spindle & Dyepot for announcements or explanations about the program that have been issued after the publication date of the handbook. The applicant is expected to obtain and use the most recent handbook edition.  All examinations will be conducted using the most recent handbook revision, so applicants who acquired a handbook more than two years prior the scheduled examination should verify with the HGA office staff that the edition they are using is the most recent revision.


The Certificate of Excellence Schedule

Basket Making - Spring 2019 - Deadline for paperwork is September 2, 2018

Handspinning - Fall 2019 - Deadline for the paperwork is February 1, 2019

Host Guild: TBA

Dyeing - Spring in even numbered years

Weaving - Fall in even numbered years

Basketmaking - Spring in odd numbered years

Spinning - Fall in odd numbered years


To Order the COE Packet

The COE Packets for Handweaving, Handspinning, Dyeing and Basketmaking contains the respective COE Handbook, Bilbiography and Application Forms.  Each packet is $12.00 and may be ordered through HGA's eShop.

Listen to Sandra Swarbrick talking about the COE on Weavecast podcast:

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